Dream interpretation: uncle

To the deterioration of family relations, perhaps, to the disease dream of a quarrel with uncle. And what other dreams portend?

Uncle in a dream

Uncle in a dream

A modern dream book

You have serious enemies, if he had dead.

Uncle saw a tired, broken – difficulties in relations with an unpleasant alienation.

Family dream book

Not a very severe disease or bad family relationships come when I dreamt that there was a misunderstanding with my uncle.

Uncle in a dream – to the sad news. Have trouble, if it is a dream to tired, exhausted.

Dream interpretation-2012

In the dream interpretation uncle is treated as existing in real life relationships. These dreams, besides, remind you of your uniqueness.

Oriental dream book

Closer to treat others, if uncle had unhealthy or tired.

Had a fight with uncle? Broadcasts about the approaching family conflicts.

Sleep with uncle foretells receiving bad news.

The newest dream book

My uncle came in a dream means that he is ill. Perhaps the dream heralds the onset of your disease.

Promises, is likely to be unfulfilled, empty, if had in a dream to communicate with my uncle.

Spring dream interpretation

To the displeasure came from relatives, dreaming of her uncle.

Summer dream

Had a dream late uncle – remember him.

Autumn dream interpretation

Long time not seen his uncle, and suddenly he had? Get the news from relatives who have not written to you.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Uncle said the good news means there will be changes in the personal plan, a person can get a job with a high salary.

Maybe you’re getting a divorce, if you had a fight with his uncle.

He dreamed of a deceased uncle? Be careful! You have enemies who want to harm, if you dream that uncle died or is dying.

To achieve the desired well-being, you need a lot of work. So interpreted the dream in which you were talking with uncle.

Promises unmarried girl caring and constant fan.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Had a fight with uncle? It is not excluded divorce or breakup with a partner. Unmarried girl this dream to severe illness or conflicts with family.

Had a drunk uncle because of his thoughtless behavior will lose control over the situation. Look at the situation from a different angle.

Exercise restraint, control what you say, to avoid misunderstandings with relatives, if you dream hard and long sick uncle.

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