What dreams umbrella

A dream which featured an umbrella means that you are willing to defend. Perhaps some of the troubles of life, became the cause of the behavior, which implies the need to defend. Should reconsider your life and your own behavior. Need to build better relationships with others. Be tolerant, but don’t forget about the defense. Look at the details of the dream so as not to miss any difference.

Sleep parasolka

Sleep umbrella

Oriental dream book

Core values:

  1. Walk with the umbrella is in serious trouble, which lead to a lot of trouble.
  2. Umbrella: the dream foretells that if this item will benefit the friends of the dream, so soon they will be forced to turn to him for help.
  3. Borrow an umbrella from a friend – it manages to find contact with people.
  4. Had to give the umbrella – you will be slandered.
  5. Lost umbrella – to explain to an important person for you will not succeed. Instead of understanding we should expect conflicts.
  6. To buy a new umbrella and immediately disclose it if inappropriate for this weather (in the summer) – a favorable completion of important cases. So you can positively answer the question, what dreams umbrella.
  7. Protected by a parasol – some pleasures you are not allowed. Do not try to get them.
  8. Leaking umbrella warns that things friends will go not for the better, why the dreamer is to feel for them.

Family dream book

If a married man interested in the question what dream umbrella, so in his mind there were thoughts about adultery or he thinks about her on a psychological level. A young woman this dream also does not Bode well. It means that she will have to flirt with more than one man, but there is one that has a lot of problems.

Umbrella – not always favorable or neutral sign. If you’re in a dream are in his hands, then soon you will fall a lot of anxiety, end with disappointment. Will see people under umbrellas – you have to help someone, and will have to spend a lot of effort.

The umbrella that belongs to you, broke – gossip or malicious slander can tarnish your reputation. Is how boldly to defend their point of view and not to give occasion for slander. Had to go in my sleep under the net and a beautiful umbrella in Sunny weather – you will find only joy is found. Themselves borrow an umbrella from a friend – you will not be able to reach an understanding to make common cause with a specific person. Look at the details of the dream, then be able to determine the exact interpretation.

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