The twins had a dream, dream interpretation

Twins in a dream, according to many dream books, one of the most controversial characters. The twins could portend success, satisfaction with life, a joyful meeting sudden help. But they can also indicate the uncertainty of the dreamer, the confusion in his thoughts. To explain what you dream of twins, consider some of the facts of the dream. Interpreting what dreaming about twins, you should take into account gender and age someone had this dream, and its values. An important clue in the interpretation of such dreams is related to children in principle. If children are a burden, twins in your dream indicates further difficulties in their own Affairs. When the kids give you sympathy and affection, the dream foretells a meeting, which will be good enough to resolve important issues in your life.

What dreams twins

What dreams twins

What dreams opposite-sex twins

Opposite-sex twins in a dream represent your self-sufficiency. So you are not alone and you have virtually no weaknesses. You need to equal use both masculine and feminine qualities – it helps you to cope with many challenges without losses.

Opposite-sex twins in the womb speaks of the harmony in your soul. Also this dream is a harbinger of luck.

Babies in dreams

To give birth in the dream, twins find happiness and peace in reality.

Newborn babies, twins talking about that in real life you will be able to solve any case without much effort on your part. Also newborns may Herald the addition to the family: it can be not only the birth of a child, but, for example, wedding or the wedding of your closest people.

Twins, saturating breast milk, talking about your kind and open heart, and that you are always ready to help. Be aware that people around you appreciate you this quality.

What dreams twins: other interpretations

If you dream you found your brother or sister–sister, soon you will meet or get acquainted with a man who is close to you in spirit and Outlook. Hold that such a person will be a true friend for life.

But with the twins not everything is so rosy: if in your dreams you see the sick twins, wait for the Heartbreak. The difficulties and complexities that will creep up on you after such a dream, would be almost insurmountable, you will need to throw all their strength — both moral and physical, to enter into the same rut.

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