What dreams TV

TV is the main subject in the house, without him, our life becomes boring and monotonous. From him we learn everything that happens in the world, and, unfortunately, often hear sad news. What dreams TV, let us know.

dream TV

We need peace TV?

Summer dream

Dream TV – to slander, libel, hear gossip about yourself.

Children’s dream book

Your attention is occupied not by the need to solve at the moment. Wasting time on nonsense. Children’s dream of watching TV – in fact, to which you have a direct connection, you may see the problem.

Spring dream interpretation

To see television in the dream – you are the object of observation from the outside, do not be afraid, someone is interested in your face.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Enjoy the dream TV – your life in perfect harmony, surrounded by loving family, there are plenty. The TV is broken – the loss of jobs.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Watch dream TV – wasting time for yourself, as the dream suggests that you are lazy. Also it can be a signal, sleep owns extraordinary abilities.

Family dream book

For saw in a dream the TV received a signal. You live one day, it makes sense to think about the prospects for tomorrow. Color TV dream for a pleasant pastime, meeting with old friends. Broken TV says that you should immediately go about their business, not to neglect running a business. Buying TV to acquire new friends, communicating with interesting people. Too loud sound – get ready to hear his gossip, who wants to discuss your person. But it is not necessary to attach importance to this, all this is empty talk.

Esoteric dream book

Dreams that are watching TV that does not have your image come down from heaven to earth, think about the backlog of cases. Clear image – you want to impose the ideas of others. Smudged – you are quite an independent person and is able to accept and implement its decisions. Buying a TV – you are overwhelmed by new ideas, initiatives. In the dream, gather TV – possess constructivism and is able to achieve its goal. Apart the telly detail, in dealing with any question of trying to go logical way, which is a great key to successful endeavors.

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