To stand in a queue in your sleep – why?

One of the most unpleasant feelings of irritation and nervousness caused by the process of being in the queue. After all the waiting, the delay in the solution of current problems few people can like. So we take turns in life. How authoritatively interpret the dreams, all the dreams, a symbol of what they are?

Dream interpretation cargo

To stand in a queue in a dream — what does it mean?

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

According to the source, the interpretation of night’s visions, if the plot of the dream was a long queue, this dream predicts that you are unlikely to achieve the desired, if you do not attach a maximum effort and effort. To stand in a queue in a dream, and in the end, means that you were made a serious miscalculation in solving business problems in reality.

If the dream is big turn on reception to the doctor, this dream is a warning that should take care of their health.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

If the plot of your dream you see yourself in the long queue to the doctor, it says that you need a break, as your body has weakened and deteriorated state of health. You need rest, otherwise your condition may lead to serious disease.

To stand in a queue in a dream, being in the end, means that in reality you will blame themselves for the rash act, in which you can comprehend the loss and loneliness. Seeing this dream is a warning, try to have the courage and dignity to withstand the machinations of fate.

If you are in a night vision, on the contrary, I see myself at the beginning of the queue, such a dream warns that you are waiting for, the reason of which will be your folly.

A story in which you had to queue to sleep for any desired commodity, and it ended literally in front of you, suggests that you are dreaming of a beautiful life with great abundance. To achieve this in reality you will be able or their hard work or a good marriage. The choice of way to achieve the desired for you.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

According to this authoritative dream interpretation, turn in the night visions should be interpreted as a sign of delay in the resolution of cases pending implementation of plans and the realization of desires in life.

According to this source dream interpretation, on the level of development of events in reality affects not only the length of the queue in night vision, but also your status in the waiting process. The more you felt a terrible impatience and irritation from the expectations, the harder the reality will advance your current business.

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