Had a dream about tulips, dream interpretation

The Tulip is the symbol of spring, love, warmth, sincerity and purity. Thanks to this characteristic, this delicate spring flower, adorned the coats of arms of chivalry, was a symbol of the famous dynasties. The same as people’s attitude to this flower in my life with the interpretation of this plant appeared in my dream, learn on. So, what to expect, if you had a Tulip?

To chogo star roses Paradise garden

What have tulips

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

According to this dream book, tulips in a night vision mean levity was dreaming. If you dream you tear the flower, this vision predicts the fulfillment of your cherished desires. When you dream you water the Tulip, it says that there comes a peace and satisfaction from the result of current Affairs. You will get some gift or a nice time.

Spring dream interpretation

This dream book interprets the vision, which had a Tulip, as a temporary or frivolous love affair in the near future.

Dream interpretation wanderer

According to the interpretation of night’s visions this source tulips in a dream – it heralds close of the event. From the color of the plant depends on how it will be good. Red flower will lead to romantic adventures, and the black to surgery or illness.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

This authoritative dream interpretation treats the vision, which imagined a Tulip, as the future in the near future love affair. This dream speaks of the frivolity of man, saw a flower in a dream. If you hit the plant, it tells about the fulfillment of all desires. If a man is watering the Tulip, it portends love in a stupid or frivolous woman.

A modern dream book

To the question, what have tulips, this dream says that the vision must be understood as a sign of love and fidelity. If you are these flowers, this suggests that your passion, though beautiful, but frivolous and frivolous. If, on the contrary, the tulips in the vision presented to you, then loving you is frivolous and empty.

A dream in which you saw the wilted tulips, according to the Modern interpretation of the dreams means failure to repentance in love Affairs.

Dream interpretation health

This source dream interpretation says that the Tulip is a kind of warning. To dream of a Tulip means a clause stating that caution should be exercised in deeds and actions. If you are in the dream serves these flowers to the person of the opposite sex, it is a symbol of sexual frustration.

If a woman dreams of a man with flowers, waiting for her experiences and disappointment in love. If a man sees in a dream the woman with the tulips, this dream predicts a failed marriage.

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