What does it mean to see a tuft of hair in a dream?

A dream in which we see his hair in a poor state, is a harbinger of negativity. What dreams tuft of hair? It all depends on the color of hair that were in your hands. Black hair – trouble, disappointment, hurt and sorrow. Blond hair are harbingers of good news, peace.

What dreams tuft of hair

What dreams tuft of hair

Women’s dream book

To dream of a tuft of hair from his head suggests that you have to be accountable for their misdeeds in front of family and friends. Also, this dream can mean betrayal, betrayal of the second half. Change the relationship, find out the situation and openly talk about sensitive issues.

Saw in a dream that on the head was a single lock of hair, wait for trouble. Get ready for a serious test that will help you get through the moderation and prudence. A tuft of gray hair – your insight may cause unpleasantness, quarrels, scandal. It is not necessary to Express their opinion for any reason, sometimes you do not want to be and to remain silent.

Russian folk dream interpretation

To dream, like hair fall, for troubles and failures. Especially is wary of the problems at work, your colleagues are not so reliable to trust them with their plans and intentions. Holding a handful you should think about the position which turned out to be.

Failures and problems can survive with minimal losses, if we rely on faithful friends and your strength, to focus on the implementation of the plans. As you know, the hair unlike the teeth tend to be growing. So do not be upset with setbacks, you can easily fight.

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

Hair in a dream is associated with the genitals of people. Any kind of hair care – wash, cut, styling, brushing means the desire to get sexual satisfaction, to make love.

If hair falls out, in terms of sexual relations you have strong position, you are confident in your abilities. Ripped out a tuft of hair in a dream – you feel energized, your sex life will be upgraded, will meet the new person will have a good time. Relationship will not last long, but still a certain period will feel quite satisfied with the man.

Sometimes such a dream could mean that there will be obstacles to the purposes to which man aspires. You may have to work hard and make efforts to ensure that the desired goal has become a reality.

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