To dream that you cut your hair

What a dream to cut hair? Interpreter of dreams portend financial problems. Your hair cutting friend or a loved one – wait for pleasant surprises, exciting trip.

what a dream to cut hair

What a dream to cut his hair

French dream book

Trim the hair in the dream is a great omen. Cutting long hair – you’ll catch up good news, to cut hair short – get a reward, a surprise. Cut long braid – will go on a long journey. To cut themselves or a loved one’s bad luck, disease. Near and dear to you commit a treacherous act. To see yourself bald – radical change.

The Dream Miller

The talk of dreams with cutting hair, tell Miller Tlumach. Sign disappointing. Dreams that cut own hair, expect unpleasant news. Also you will be responsible for their problems, or upset a long trip. For students, this dream means failure in the entrance examinations to the University. Haircut – wishers who are willing to take your how to ruin a business. To see how cuts the hair of a stranger, to danger. You should be careful not to talk too much, do not boast of its material wealth. Hair fall out in a dream – to trouble, misfortune.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

To cut long hair – for losses, both in personal life and finances. To see yourself with short hair – should prepare for changes in life, both good and bad.

Women’s dream book

Cut my hair to someone for the bad news, unfortunately. If at this time next to you are your family, close friends, all problems will be able to survive firmly.

Russian dream book

In this dream perfectly interpreted what dreams cutting hair, and as it turned out, the dream is a good sign. Cut hair – you can prove to your relatives that are able to achieve your goal. Thanks to your prudence, restraint you can avoid all sharp corners and successfully complete scheduled, all the problems, troubles a thing of the past.

Grandma’s dream book

To cut dream hair to get rid of worries and problems, the solution to all urgent problems. This dream suggests that the person can coordinate the course of his fate, to influence the future, and dreams can only warn of the dangers oblasnyh actions. Short hair – to prosperity, to dream bald to the changes in life, the renewal of life.

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