What dreams treasure

The treasure in a dream is a generally favorable sign, after such a dream, most likely, are what you dreamed of and aspired to. Such a dream suggests that in your life started a long white strip which contributes to improvements and favorable events for you and for your loved ones. To better understand the interpretation of the dream about the treasure, to understand what you had this dream, pay attention to the other fragments.

What dreams treasure dream interpretation

What dreams treasure dream interpretation

To lose the treasure in a dream

If you dream you stole the treasure, money, jewelry or other valuables, then soon you will collapse in a heap of trouble, there will come a period of financial instability, lack of funds.

Thus, if in the dream you have suffered such fortune as treasure finding, try not to lose it and keep to avoid further consequences.

Find the treasure in a dream

If you found the treasure and dug it up, soon you will find financial stability, increase health, and success will not pass you.

If you found treasure in the form of gold coins, then you will have a rich and full life, and if in the form of jewelry, it is a sign of the beginning of new relationships. Small coins found in the hoard indicate numerous but pleasant, large old coins is to the inheritance, money from unexpected places.

What dreams treasure: other interpretations

Treasure in a dream may portend not only material wealth, but also spiritual. If you see a dream in which you are searching for the treasure, he foreshadows the false hopes and efforts, so do not fight for something that is not true.

Bury the treasure in a dream means that you are hiding his secret that nobody knew. It also means that you bury your talent or potential to do anything, you should think about it and try to evolve, you may bid farewell to their calling.

If you dream you point to the place where buried or hidden treasure, it means that very soon you will be offered the best interesting thing that you can’t refuse. But in fact, because of this, you only suffer a loss so be careful and think about this day every step.

Basically a treasure dream of people chasing that and in real life, it’s their hurts and worries. Produce a desired opens in man the hidden talents and capabilities that he doesn’t even know. It also contributes to getting something very important.

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