What dreams tram

Had a tram? Remember the details seen in order to know the most accurate meaning of the dream according to the dream books.

The tram was a dream in a dream

The tram was a dream in a dream

Seasonal dream interpretation

To dream the tram to the small worries and troubles, worries, fatigue or the appearance of guests who live nearby.

Esoteric dream book

Had a tram – easily overcome complex cases, deciding all the issues; sit in traffic or riding in it – find a good way to overcome interference and obstacles to the desired goal.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Tram’s dream – a symbol of movement in real life, a reflection of the miserable and constrained by financial difficulties and household inconveniences of existence. Ride the tram up to heavy life span. To enter the tram to simplify life, to get out of it – to positive changes.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

To go to the tram – the dream promises the disappearance of the causes of excitement, harmony and peace.

To see tram rides – a sign of the imminent possibility for implementing the most cherished desires.

Huge high tram in a dream – a warning of grave danger. A quick trip to a small low trams to successfully overcome all difficulties.

Women’s dream book

Dream tram – a symbol of hostility for someone of others and their strong desire to hurt you.

Wait for the tram is soon to start an adventurous and dangerous, but doable venture.

To see a dream where you peacefully ride the tram to the success of the initiatives. Get while in the accident – to face complications and obstacles in the path to the goal.

Huge high tram in a dream – a warning of grave danger. A quick trip to a small low trams to successfully overcome all difficulties.

The newest dream book

Tram in a dream – a harbinger of the noisy visit.

To stand on the bus stop waiting for the tram to the temporary hitches and obstacles in business.

A pleasant tram ride – to the successful implementation of the planned, a trip to the narrowness and the crush – up obstacles, disputes and conflicts.

Dream bitches

What dreams tram: see it – a warning about the intrigues of enemies and persistent attempts to interfere with your plans.

The trip on the streetcar is a good final cases; very fast – the rapid completion of the enterprise and get what you want.

A modern dream book

A dream where you saw the tram is a reminder that you should execute trusted you with an important task.

Were in the tram you are waiting for disappointment, disagreements and disputes with unpleasant persons; rode in it – your dreams are in vain: love, wealth, happy and beautiful life, is out of reach and will remain only in your dreams.

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