What dream train in the dream

In the dream, the train symbolizes the action. If a person sees a moving train, it’s time of inactivity has passed, there comes the active phase in life. To see someone ride the train – a request for help and failure.

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To see train in a dream, dream interpretation

Dream interpretation of the psychologist Freud.

If you see riding the train-a dream warns you about your laziness, inactivity. It is necessary to begin to implement the plans right now, otherwise it will be too late. Late for the train – to meet a new love.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To dream of the train – sit back, rest on our laurels. If the train is going away from you, then your relationship is not have development prospects. If, on the contrary, approaching you, and you sit in it, face the problem of choosing a direction in life.


The train is moving – you need to act.

Is review your plans, something you are doing wrong.

Going not to alienate loved ones, help them.

To get on the train – meeting, new Dating, relationships, changes.

Train without rails – you went the wrong way.

Dream Meridian

If you had a train, remember what role she played in your vision.

And goes – you make a mistake and then have to fix.

Moving with great speed in your life will rapidly change.

In a dark tunnel – not in a hurry to make a decision, ask for advice.

A lot of people in the train – you too listen to the advice of others, in addition to the correctness of their own opinions.

To get on the train to find a new job, to meet interesting people.

Family dream book

If in the dream you catch the train, so in the near future you will have to apologize for the committed actions to be condemned. For young girls to get on the train means getting to know the beloved. For men, this dream can mean a new job, a promotion. A good sign if a man-the dreamer is going to train – good luck will accompany him in career matters.

Women’s dream book

The sleeper train portends the rapid development of personal relationships. If you have a beloved, and you see yourself riding in the train, may soon receive a proposal of marriage. Not to get on the train, stay on the platform – lose the opportunity of self-realization. To get on the train – beginning of a new life, obtaining a promising job. To see the schedule of train – planning the move, change of place of residence or work.

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