What a dream to catch the train

The interpretation of this dream depends on what kind of train you had and in what situation. To miss the train, what dreams?

What dream train

What dream train

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

To dream, how to go by train, so go with the flow. If you do not have time to ride has lost something important, refused to future changes in life. Go into the train – return to your rut, get out of the train – change is coming.

The Esoteric E. Tsvetkova

This dream book interprets the way of the train, as a symbol of time. To be in train – to be invited to some important place.

Dream Meridian

What had a train that does not move by rail? This would mean the anxiety, the excitement about something important.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

Had a train with passengers, so, in life something will change a lot. If you dream of a train that carries goods, will soon get a good income. Saw that the train goes off the rails, then you will fail. Dream Express all that in mind, will come true soon.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

The train means change, luck, travel.

Get off the train is to strive to change something in life.

Dreaming that you are a train driver? You are waiting for the stupid waste of money.

In the dream, you get on the train before the departure, then, you’re in trouble in business. If you have time to sit in the car in accordance with the schedule, can expect success in all their endeavors.

What a dream to catch the train? The dream symbolizes an inner struggle with himself, fluctuations in decision-making.

In the dream you want to catch up with the departing train? It is an indication of your anxiety, excessive worry, fear of losing everything. Perhaps you don’t have to rely on relatives, it is better to rely on ourselves.

Had a station and a crowd of people, so you experience constant stress, nervous overload deprives you of rest and relaxation.

To see the room train station in a dream – a warning about unexpected guests.

In the dream, if the train goes off the rails, you should be ready for difficulties.

In the dream you hit the train? So soon to be a minor trouble. Also falling under a train can mean deception, it’s a bummer, theft.

The dream that fell under a train by a stranger, I promise you risk can to some kind of trauma.

The train crashed in the dream – so will have to overcome considerable difficulties.

The train passes you, you have lost something or missed my only chance.

To travel by train in metro warning about the many worries and unfulfilled dreams.

Looking for in sleep the right train? You need to delve into yourself, find time for reflection.

Had a dream that came to see someone on the train, so ahead of parting with a loved one.

What dream train trip larger? You will find a long stretch of monotonous routine.

Dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller

Train on the Miller is a symbol of the journey. If he goes slow, also not on rails, so you’re really worried, worry about anything. Your place in the train on the top shelf? This dream indicates imminent journey into bad company and a waste of money.

Feel seasick on the train? You will find a heavy trip, which will end happily. If you go in sleep in the train who stand in one place, then personal life leaves much to be desired.

Ukrainian dream book

To see the train means getting the news. Perhaps will travel. To go to the train – get what you want, to rise up the career ladder. What had to catch the train? It promises difficulties and problems.

Erotic dream book

Had a fast train? You’ve seen the changes that new temptations, which you cannot avoid. Got off the train? Needed a break, you overcome boredom and fatigue from everyday life.

Spring dream interpretation

For women to Express see in a dream – a warning about possible birth prematurely.

Esoteric dream book

What dream train, especially passes, means future sorrow. Boarding the train promises big changes in life. To see a large number of wagons and a lot of Luggage – so you have a long the hassle associated with loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Freud

If you ride the train in the dream, it means your real life is full of anxiety and excitement. The train passes you miss about unfulfilled sexual dreams.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Dreams that go in the General car? The indication that envy you, prepare plots.

The train trip is delayed due to long standing on all stops – it heralds delay in execution of important documents.

You see a very long bridge, bridge train rides – there will be a lingering illness.

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