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To dream of footprints – why would it? This dream can suggest that you will become a follower of a doctrine. Or Herald the beginning of a new path in life. All of the interpretation of dreams on traces – in the most faithful dreams.

What dream footprints in the dream?

What dream footprints in the dream?

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

If the dreamer examines his incomprehensible signs, vision of someone trying to stop it. In the dream trail is to successfully solve a very difficult task. Lose track says the failure of your intuition. You made a mistake, and now conceived is fulfilled.

Esoteric dream book

If it traces clad legs, then you will soon receive an inheritance. Barefoot – before the opening. The hands you got from a deceased relative a thing that is actually magical talismans. Animal tracks suggests that in problem solving will help the experience of their ancestors.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Other people’s tracks to dream – a sign of lack of independence. You rarely make decisions, and constantly go on about others. Isn’t it time to change? Traces of a young child – to new beginnings. Self – you will be lucky.

A modern dream book

If you dream of trying to determine whose are these footprints in the snow, you will meet with an unusual person. He flips from upside down view of life. The bloody trail of dreams to the need to visit relatives.

The prints of bare feet – to the outbreak of interest to you members of the opposite sex. If you dreamed of a man who leaves no trace, there will be a very difficult situation. To exit it, you will have to sacrifice something.

Dream Interpretation White Mage Longo

To recognize in the dream traces of unknown creatures – the failure of the financial plan. The pursuit of happiness will result in such great losses that you could not imagine. And attempts to fix anything will only worsen the situation.

Leaving your traces suggest that you can’t calculate the consequences of certain actions. Intuition is weak, and you lose out. Tracking someone in a dream means choosing from many options that need to be done to make the right decision.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To see footprints in a dream means finding a teacher who will help find your way in life.

Small dream book of Veles

To dream of footprints women foretells success in Affairs, men also warn of the danger. Baby — grese joyful news. Many traces suggests that your problems will solve for you.

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