To dream toy, dream interpretation

In the dream interpretation toys symbolize man’s inner world, his feelings and sensations. Depending on what events happened in the dream, the sleeper can expect family troubles, small pleasures, entertainment.

dream toys

What dream toys

The Jewish dream book

If the sleeper dreams that he throws toys, so in reality he is committed to life change, want new experiences. Carry a lot of toys home – futile efforts, trifling problem.

Dream healer Akulina

Broken – beware, danger is.

New – will enjoy new experiences.

Magical dream interpretation

See toys – troubles, little, whims.

A lot of toys for a woman – she will have many children.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

If the sleeper dreams of a kid who plays with toys, then his small family joy and entertainment. But if you give a child a toy, and he refuses to take it – you expect differences in the family and disputes with loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

What dream toys, it can be assumed, if you remember all the events that happened in the dream, what emotions were caused by toys and who they were. Such dreams can portend luck in business, success at work and happiness in the family. Broken toy – a bad sign, you’ll be frustrated and disappointed.

What were the toys?

Teddy is joy and a sense of family happiness.

Soft to the completion of the family happiness in marriage.

Large – you infantile people that need to become independent.

Christmas – you are waiting for luck, joy, happiness.

Where was the toy?

In the house – to inheritance, gifts, profit and prosperity.

In the store – the more toys, the more positive events will happen in your life.

Universal dream

If you had a toy, it is time to think about what happens in life. Perhaps you are not serious about family, career, loved ones. You need to invest more effort in development. Due to the immaturity of many of the goals will be not achieved.

If playing games was a stranger, pay attention to others. Someone is trying to manipulate you.

Erotic dream book

To touch or to shift the toys in the dream could mean for the sleeping that he is hindered complexes. Getting rid of them, you will become more happy with your partner and give him an unforgettable emotions.

If sleep gives someone the toys, his relationship with the sexual partner will very soon pass into the category of Platonic or friendly.

Family dream book

Vision toys portends deception and trouble. If the sleeper buys a new toy, he was waiting for good news.

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