Dream interpretation: dream tower

The tower is not only an architectural structure with a rich history, but also a sign of power, firmness, height, and conclusions or warning. Great symbolic value of the towers extends to the interpretation of dreams, where these structures appear.

What dream tower in the dream?

What dream tower in the dream?

A modern dream book

If you dream that you climb a tower will succeed. Admire it from outside – get ready to progress up the career ladder, getting good news or a gift; for a girl this dream means love of a faithful husband.

If you came down from the tower, and then it collapsed – would be a big disappointment.

If you see a city with a large number of towers of various sizes – in the cases you will be faced with an insurmountable obstacle.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

Climb the tower to the ailments. To dream about falling tower – to the possibility of imprisonment. Look at the high tower – get ready to overcome difficulties.

A modern dream book

Had a high tower to receive good news. The lighthouse foreshadows the trip. Observe the leaning tower – failures in business and in personal relationships.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

If you dream you see the tower, but to approach it is not possible, it promises a meeting with a very influential person. The crumbling tower symbolizes the global changes not only in your life but also in the country. If the tower, seen in a dream, is very high and is topped by a gabled roof you have power, do not know how.

Ancient Persian dream book Tatlisi

I was dreaming of a tower, which they themselves destroyed, – pay attention to your immediate surroundings. Among your associates or colleagues may begin a contention, which will inevitably lead to problems.

If you can see a tower, graced with brilliants or entirely of them built in the near future you will receive support from an influential person, which will reach new heights. If the structure of ordinary stone, bonded with lime, you have a tyrannical boss, which is not alien to deceit.

To see a wooden tower – a sure sign of lying and thieving chief.

Women’s dream book

What does the tower in the dream: to see the structure of the sand, washed away by the surf, your efforts are futile; ‘re standing in the middle of the wreckage of the ruined tower, there is a risk to break your happiness reckless actions.

If you climb a tower and this process is unbearably heavy, in reality to achieve the goals you have to cope with many difficulties.

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