What dream tour dream

To dream of a tour means to experience difficulties in the family. What places are visited in the dream the dreamer, and what he saw, may depend on the interpretation of the dream.

dream tour

Dream tour dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

If you dream you see that considered in the tour group attractions, it is difficult to establish a relationship with her husband. You suffer from what you don’t want to hear.

Guide influential people, people, psychological pressure on the sleeper.

Guide orders – domestic violence, oppression.

The tour among the paintings is a pleasant news from relatives.

To be a guide – a confirmation of correctness of choice of profession, career success, promotion.

Dream healer Akulina

If in the dream tour is a scenic place which is admired by sleeping, so the family will improve the world. Excursion to the mountains – you expect difficulties, there will be problems associated with relatives.

Prepared FEBE

For unmarried girls, this dream can mean new friendships and the emergence of prospects to marry. Portends family conflicts, quarrels, the intervention of other people.

Excursion to the Museum – litigation over property.

To keep up with the tour does not take you into consideration, your opinion is ignored, you are not respected in the family.

To get involved during the tour – up to joyful events, entertainment, dear guests.

To buy tickets for a trip, a journey.

Guide you run.

To be guide – have to take matters into their own hands.

A trip to the zoo will feel difficulty in communicating with relatives, you’ll be punished.

Dream Meridian

Gather for a tour – you do not give rest thoughts about home, family, relatives.

To be in the Museum, conflicts at work.

City tour – you will have to make a choice, to make an important decision associated with the place of residence.

Tour in the dark – if you do not take immediate action, your family life will come to an end.

Family dream book

The dream tour has been interpreted as the search for solutions to problems related to children and other family members. If you have seen a lot of people, then the solution to your problems will help you relatives or friends. Remember, what emotions caused the dream you have. If you were happy, fun, and ahead of you waiting for a happy family life. If the tour had many children, you’ll have to settle misunderstandings with the younger members of the family.

Idiomatic dream book

To see the tour to seek help from the companies. To be a guide losing a loved one, friend, husband. If the tour is very noisy and you can’t hear the guide, so someone interferes with your family life, gossip about you and wish you evil.

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