What does it mean to dream of tomatoes

Beautiful, whole tomatoes – a symbol of happiness, health and love, the inverse of the given explanations, if the tomatoes are spoiled. There are also several other interpretations what dream tomatoes.

What dream tomatoes

What dream tomatoes

Summer dream

Summer dream predicts that dreamt of tomatoes on the bushes – to the delight of the family, Spring dream, describing what you dream of tomato is responsible for its color: a red tomato – a sign of anger, of rage, for surprise and misunderstanding of the situation. If someone is eating tomatoes to enjoy.

The Dream Miller

There are tomatoes, to recover, to see how to grow the fruit of happiness. Tomatoes, dream of an unmarried girl for marriage, which will be long and happy.

Dream Meridian

Woman to see the tomatoes in a dream – to emergency romance, red tomatoes – to the marriage of great love and a happy marriage with your loved one.

The Jewish dream book

The Jewish dream book explains the dream in different ways: it all depends on the circumstances of the dream. If the tomatoes are green and growing spring dream means impending disease, the summer dream is a failure in some important request, the autumn and the loss of winter frustration, sadness. Red tomatoes in the spring sleep – health, adding strength, good health, in the summer sleep – you’re lucky, in the autumn and a pleasant accidental discovery, in the winter sleep – successful completion of cases.

If someone eats a tomato, a dream seen in spring warns about bad news or unexpected meetings, which will not bring joy, but rather upset. Summer dream – to unpleasant events, autumn for gossip, the winter – to the disease. Red tomatoes, eaten in the spring promise good news, received a letter in the summer, gift in autumn – deception and trick in the winter – health.

Women’s dream book

The tomato is a symbol of health, if the fruit is still growing – much to the joy among the relatives, for girls this dream was a sign of a successful marriage.

Ukrainian dream book

See red tomatoes make a nasty thing, which will then be very ashamed. Ripe tomatoes – to a hidden love, a whirlwind romance.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

The dream of Catherine the great, what have tomatoes red, is a pleasant event. Bushes grow with tomatoes – the economy, profit and welfare for a young woman this dream – happiness in marriage, but if unripe tomatoes ahead of the disappointment. There are tomatoes, to health, to marinate is to spend time in other people’s business, instead of a well deserved rest.

In other dream books, dreaming of tomatoes to new friendships, secret love. Ripe, sound tomatoes – lift forces, success in business, but you can’t act with excessive pressure so as not to damage the implementation of the plans. Rotten fruit – the failures, the loss, care for the tomato – trick from friends who betray other people’s secrets. Tomato seedlings – unwanted guests to water the tomatoes – to the emergence of a rival. To collect tomatoes in a dream – to wealth, but when the fruit is still unripe – work will stop. To conserve is to change opinions, cut – to wait long for the money, cooking is a passion, throw rotten tomatoes – carelessness will lead to failure. Buy – debacle in commercial cases, competitors will move ahead, to see dishes with tomatoes, long life.

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