What a dream in which you see the toilet?

For those who saw the toilet in a dream, you should be prepared for trouble. So, anyway, talking about dreams, but if it has – it will all be fine.

the toilet in my dream

What does it mean to dream toilet

Summer dream

Dreams with toilet is a bad attitude from the authorities. You may be guilty to work and get paid for it «pinky». To circumvent such situation, go for it, stop being distracted by extraneous things.

Spring dream interpretation

When a person dreams that he goes to the toilet, this dream, this dream symbolizes a profit, a cash reward, winning a lot of money. Also dream may indicate problems in the kidneys. The reason for the dream may be banal desire to go to the toilet.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Want to know what dreams of the big toilet? Prior to the promotion. The toilet dream to trouble, and problems in family relationships, the upbringing of children. To fall in the toilet – will be awarded large sums of money, managed to get out of it – a happy family life. Cleaned in a dream dirty toilet – will achieve its goal not a legitimate way. To build a toilet for luck and prosperity in business. Dirty toilet symbolizes good luck, joy, wealth and harmony in life. Dressing room, full of people, hopelessness, inability to help yourself. Clean the toilet to a new job. Dreamed that looking for the toilet, is in need of financial support.

Erotic dream book

For men the question is, what dream to go to the toilet, so he’s sexually frustrated, is in search of new thrills. A woman who saw in a dream the toilet, hiding his desire to enter into same-sex intimate relationships.

Ukrainian dream book

Dirty toilet dream to money. Seeing such a dream, can rejoice. You can become the owner of a big win, inheritance. To go to the bathroom up to new love relationships. Just seeing the toilet – trouble, fall into a pit of feces – up to big money.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Public toilet in dreams means conflict, poor relations with work colleagues. On you will develop among the employees a bad name. and to prove to them his innocence will be difficult.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Toilet dream to get rid of bad memories, a desire not to repeat past mistakes. Clean toilet – your business will develop a bad, dirty wins.

A modern dream book

Toilet in a dream portends a romantic date.

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