What a dream, in which they steal?

If you see that play the role of thief in your dreams, don’t worry. You have no inclination for such fishing. On the contrary, to steal in a dream – a good omen. You will soon receive a gift, a reward, buy the expensive stuff.

to steal in a dream

To dream that you steal

Summer dream

To dream of a thief who gets out of the pocket of someone’s purse – znachit, your trip will be unsuccessful. If you have something you are stealing – you will have to blush for their actions in front of others. You make a rash step, will say something that will lead to a cooling of relations with friends.

Spring dream interpretation

To steal something in a dream – to sadness, nostalgic condition, you need the company of friends or relatives. A dream in which you steal means a pleasant discovery.

People’s dreams

To dream that you are stealing from someone else’s pocket – keep track of your actions. Risk losing the trust of their friends, to achieve their goals dirtiest methods.

English dream interpretation

Dream thieves – you can expect misfortune and loss. Want in a dream to steal a cold coming on, but everything will be okay. Recovery will come quickly.

People’s dreams

Stealing in dreams – wait for the success in such a venture, all transactions will be safe. You get caught stealing, you have enemies and they will hurt your work for future plans. Steal someone’s food, things – waiting for financial problems. The culprit will be your extravagance. You stole all the stuff, cleaned the house thieves – a bad sign. You will soon receive the news of the death of a loved one.

Women’s dream book

In the dream you stole things – be careful! Your intemperance is the cause of the deterioration of relations with the people. Possible failure in business, at work, in family relationships. To catch in the dream thief, pursuing her victory over enemies. You will be able to adequately get out of a difficult situation and outdo his enemies or competitors. To dream as you pursue the robbers – may become a victim of fraud by a stranger. You should be selective in meeting new people. Robbery of your home – to overcome the serious complications in the business you will have to have patience, strength of character and endurance, then everything will be fine.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

The dreams that you stood up like a thief – you need to showcase your talents and experience in creative work. Very soon you will find recognition and success.

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