To cook food in dreams: dream interpretation

The subconscious throws with the man things, sometimes you dream things that you wouldn’t know what to prepare for. Because each person is trying to unravel the signs of destiny and answer yourself various questions. For example, to cook in her sleep – it’s just the desire to eat or is it a symbol of guests ‘ expectations, surprises? Take a look in the storeroom of wisdom known commentators.

What a dream to cook in dreams, dream interpretation

What a dream to cook in dreams, dream interpretation

Dream interpretation wanderer

According to this dream book, cooking is seen in two opposite values. Important caveat: you have to try to remember what feelings were present during the cooking process. If it seems trivial, then cooking in a dream promises trouble in reality. If the dish was prepared with love, care, then this dream is favorable, you can expect a win or a pleasant surprise.

Old Russian dream book

To cook a meal in sleep is a very important process associated with different spheres of human life. To properly explain the dream, you should try to remember as many details as possible. If the cooking process is easy and smooth, all will be well, perhaps, dear guests arrive in reality.

If the process of cooking food is accompanied by incidents that real life has already prepared a few nasty surprises. A dream is just a subtle hint that the fate can not run away, but to prepare for her shots.

If you dream you had to cook, dream interpretation treats the vision, depending on the products, cooking methods, and interpretations differ dramatically. Potato dishes – a hint of a quick change of work, and for the better for the person who dreamt it. To cook meat to beat others in business or Commerce. Mixing a cocktail – a symbol of the fact that the person preparing it, introduces their friends and acquaintances misleading.

There is a difference, dream about cooking Breakfast, lunch or dinner. The first sleep – not very pleasant, speaks about some of the traps that are preparing enemies. Lunch – has a positive connotation, means the search for truth, the attainment of accuracy in the solution of any question, solution to a difficult situation. Cooking dinner – sleep with an unpleasant tone, a symbol of the fact that the approach to depression and fatigue.

Cooking desserts also stands for different: pancakes – to obtain the sensual pleasures, cakes to flirting with the opposite sex, cream cake – a symbol of the imminent arrival of the distinguished guest, the candy – improving welfare.

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