What does a dream in which you see a tiger?

What a dream of a beautiful tiger? This noble animal means power, a serious patron with whom it is better not to engage in confrontation or, on the contrary, the envious. They are building a unpleasant in relation to the dreamer’s plans. To be yourself in the dream a tiger is ready to Express all the nasty boss in the face.

If you really boiling, it is better to think of constructive comments or offer their ideas.

If the enemies spilling from a horn of plenty – better to find out the relationship be honest. No strength? It’s time to exercise, physically and mentally, is the best hardened from life’s troubles.

what dreams tiger

What dreams tiger

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Tiger, as indicated by the dream, represents the omnipotence of the natural life force. If you kill the tiger or to run away from it – this means that the main problem that disturbed the dreamer, will be successfully resolved. If he won animal will have to make an effort. If flees all of a little neglect.

If the dreamer is watching the battle predator with someone else – in reality will have to answer for his restraint.

Jewish dream interpretation Azar

Tiger in a dream – to the machinations of enemies. Caged animal – in reality, the dreamer will defend his natural kindness and sense of justice, and the enemy’s atrocities will turn against the bad people.

Esoteric dream interpretation Tsvetkova

The tiger is a possible danger. If he is kind to the patronage of the leadership of an influential person. Hand – crafty friends who are just waiting for the right moment to strike.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To strong and dangerous opponent, hacking the opponent – that’s what having a tiger. From this good and not have to wait.

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

To see the tiger skin is a delight, gracious entertaining.

The tiger can warn about an accident, unpredictable event, injury, even H. P. on the side of caution and confidence (but not arrogance) can help you to cope in a critical situation.

Also, this predator can mean a strong man around. He can be trusted, he will help. Just do not tell him too much.


To survive an animal attack in a dream means that you need to be prepared morally for a life of impact. To hunt, to chase the tiger before I met with the patron. According to Freud, such a beast could speak of hidden feelings about violence. If this was the place in life – better to see a psychologist and undergo therapy. Life trouble still bothering the dreamer.

A modern dream book

This predatory animal like the tiger, represents the cunning of people who still can not calm down, wishing evil to the dreamer.

Predator prey – to prize or praise from his superiors. To see such a beast – to the possible malevolence on the part of the dreamer. Maybe you shouldn’t put pressure on your colleagues or loved ones.

Family dream book

What dreams tiger woman, like it or detractors, or speed-Dating with a serious and powerful man. He can protect her from adversity and challenges. Cubs – unexpected surprises.

Good tiger to the respect that the dreamer has made a strong character and wisdom.

Tiger in clean water for luck. In dirty – to prepare for a reasoned defense of their interests and ideas.

This animal is always a sign of energy. It is better to try to direct it in a peaceful way, at home and at work to be more restrained, and to share only with intimate friends. Then the reasons for experience will be less.

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