Now the most interesting thing

To dream of a thing – for material changes in your life. Depending on, there were things, many of them were and what role they played in the dream, you can interpret visions. A lot of things scattered in the room or apartment, portend a raise or winning the lottery. Also see something in a dream may mean that in the near future you will learn news.

Case sleep

Case sleep

A modern dream book

If you collect things in the way, then reality will have to go on a business trip or relatives who live in another city. If the sleeper packing in a suitcase, and in it lots of space he will get in trouble, quarrels in the family. Also half-empty suitcase with clothes could Herald a separation. To explain what a dream thing, you also have to pay attention to her condition, which she was.

Universal dream

To collect things on the road to disorder in the house, at work, arguments with colleagues or reprimanded by superiors. To pack in a large suitcase – to plan an important undertaking, which will be a key thing in your life.

Dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller

If you dream to pack your bags and think about the road, maybe in your cases there are difficulties to cope very difficult. If you dream that the thing does not work to find, will lose the trust and respect of people, there will be problems with colleagues, superiors. A small number of things in dream – troubles petty misunderstandings.

Dream healer Akulina

To pack, carefully folding, view will be very hard to save money. To lay things on the shelves, in its place, you will have to worry about loved ones.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

  • Look for the thing in your sleep, pain, resentment, loss, troubles;
  • To collect new business, a large undertaking;
  • To lose thing is the lack of understanding from loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

To see things, to collect them or to enter into – trouble, trouble, insecurity and loneliness overcome sleeping. The inability to take control of the situation very worrying.

What a dream it was the dream and what were you doing with her?

  • Collected – you have to think about the changes in life; if things are fine, you suffer the humiliation in vain;
  • Lose – failures, problems, slander;
  • Wash – the desire for change, the pangs, the desire to change life, to have a baby, if the baby stuff;
  • Hang out in the dream things – good luck, unexpected joy, luck;
  • To try things – you will charge a new business, which you have not done before will have to master it to get the recognition of his superiors;
  • Find thing – if you are looking for in a dream lost thing and find her, so in reality you gain valuable experience;
  • To look at, to touch – a return to the past, longing for old friends;
  • Fold carefully – things will improve, all plans will be realized;
  • Burn – profits;
  • To give – there’s a change in life, the initiator of which you will be;
  • Iron – solving issues with the authorities;
  • Sell – a conflict with a loved one.

What are the things I dream?

  • Old – need to get rid of junk in the house;
  • Erasure – a dream indicates emotional balance of a person, his positive thoughts;
  • Dirty – problems with family, husband, quarrels, arguments;
  • A lot of scattered things – the news;
  • Golden things in a dream – now it is easy to reach heights in your career, get rich, become successful;
  • Knitted – cash consideration;
  • Ripped – gossip.

Now the most interesting thing and what happened to her?

  • Took dead – you can count on luck and winning;
  • Gives you dead – not a good sign, presaging disease, loss;
  • Stole you’ll get something very necessary for you.

If you want to explain what dream things that have never been, remember your feelings in the dream. If you were happily of seen things, then you will gain something, bad, negative emotions lose.

Dream for bitches

If you burned things, then you know that life you have a real chance to get rich. Perhaps you will get money from a very unexpected source, who did not expect to get anything. You need to properly manage finances in order not to lose them. If you stole things, then wait for a chain of unpleasant events that put you out of balance.

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