What dream thermometer in the dream?

The thermometer in the dream often acts as a healthy sign that augurs well for the progress of important cases. If you had a broken thermometer, be ready that soon can get sick. When the temperature goes sharply down, which means a forced change of plans. Assumptions of the dreamer were incorrect. When raising the column value in reverse: you can count on success.

What dreams thermometer

What dreams thermometer

Family dream book

Pay attention to the details of the dream, then you will be able to identify exactly what having a thermometer:

  1. Considered a thermometer – in my life worried about his personal life or problems at work. The dream symbolizes the frustration.
  2. Cracked or broken thermometer foretells the rise in temperature due to the disease in real life.
  3. The omission of mercury – the deterioration of the situation, the impossibility of implementation of the plans.
  4. The mercury rises and your business will improve if expand.

Dream lovers

The thermometer in the dream indicates dissatisfaction of the dreamer’s family life, or dissatisfaction with the partner. Remember as much detail of the dream. If the thermometer dropped, get ready for quarrels and scandals, or come up with a plan to avoid them.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

Different patterns of dreaming:

  1. The thermometer shows the mood and inner state of the dreamer.
  2. Temperature drop – a break friendships or love relationships. Pay attention to their own behavior. It is possible that because of the coldness you can get in trouble.
  3. Fever is not always a good sign. Do not be overly emotional. Become a colder person, control your behavior, don’t let your feelings get the better of common sense.
  4. To break a thermometer in a dream – to lose control. This is a harbinger of the negative consequences associated with reckless behavior.
  5. Medical thermometer – a sign of severe mental illness or strong emotions. In some cases a precursor to colds.

If you saw the thermometer is broken or deformed, try to curb your temper, so as not to be in the midst of a quarrel, to avoid problems with business partners. Even if in the dream the sign was favourable, beware of the manifestation of emotions, demonstrate negative character traits. This will help you later in life.

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