What dreams that eat meat?

The interpretation of dreams in which people saw the meat, an important role plays the appearance of the meat. Are also important actions that are taken meat in my sleep.

Sleep them meat

Sleep them meat

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

A dream in which I had to eat the meat roasted or cooked, means someone’s influence. So, people have their own opinions, the opinions of others more important to him than his own. Such a person should try to give free rein to their individuality.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

There’s meat in a dream – to serious illness. Pay attention to their health. If you dream you do not eat meat, but only looked at him, be prepared for setbacks and obstacles.

Ukrainian dream book

Dreams that eat the meat of beef, – we should expect trouble. If the sick person had the meat raw, even preparing for death. If such a dream saw a healthy man, he is seriously ill.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Sleep eating cooked meat – you will find a wealth. Also, this dream means that you will have good health. Eat meat raw – not a good sign. This bodes well for future losses. The meat is also important: game – happiness, beef – losses, lamb – good luck. If in the dream you were feeding the other person cold dish, in real life, you lose your credibility.

There is a steak in a dream, you will be moved to a higher paying position. However, the responsibility at the new location will also be big. Feast in the dream, ham or bacon bits – not a good sign. You will suffer losses. If the former eats meat in a dream, it says on its claims and grievances on you.

Assyrian dream book

To eat meat is an amazing animal – a good sign. Fate will be merciful to you.

Women’s dream book

Eat raw meat in a dream – obstacles to the goal. Be prepared to overcome all obstacles.

Culinary dream book

Eat raw meat in a dream – a bad sign. This dream warns of possible death someone from relatives. In the best case, such a dream could mean a lot of damage.

Slavic dream book

If you dream you saw cooked meat and eat it, wait for a good profit.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Feast in the dream, of meats and other delicacies – a good sign. You will be able to pull a job that will return prosperity to your life. There is sausage – to the happiness in your home. There are goose – doubt in their own abilities. Any failure plunges you into depression and sadness. There is a quail – you expect the unexpected an unnecessary expense.

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