What dream interpretation interpret about the theatre

The theatre is a Playground where you play, and dreams with the institution directly assert that you are in the middle of the game. In the next dream books you can see where a dream house of Melpomene.

dream theater

What a dream scene or a theater interprets the dream

English dream interpretation

The sleeper dreams that he is one of the participants in the hypocrisy – of joy that will not last long. Of fleeting pleasures will soon end and there will come a time when you need to pay for pleasant moments. Become an observer of the action behind the scenes – are you a fan of fame, popularity and strive to always be on your mind. Also you are a big fan to control the actions of their environment. According to English dream book, the stage where you were as an actor, – is the time to show their talents, immediately start to prepare, or I’ll strike face in the dirt.

People’s dreams

To buy tickets to the theater – wait for deception by a familiar person. Don’t be too trusting. The theatre suggests that you have everything in order, can afford leisure and entertainment. Also, the dream warns of a new and interesting acquaintance. Took the play to cheer and applaud the masters of a theatre stage – your behavior wants to leave the best. Don’t make people reckless because the majority opinion. You need to be freed from the captivity of error and does not seek to please everyone. In a play – you will find a fleeting joy, but in any case you will get a real pleasure. Had a dream that you are the author, – rejoice, a good case will help pay off creditors.


In this dream the theater dream to the emergence of a new circle of friends, interesting friends. Become one of the most enthusiastic spectators to enjoy the action on stage – watch out, soon you will become victim to the deceitful behavior of friends.

Home dream interpretation

Visit dream theater – think a lot about problems, take a break, calm down. In a state of depression question can not be solved. The scene played out tragedy – do not dramatize the situation. It’s not so bad, in every case, be sure to find out. In the theatre started a fire, and you run away from fire – do not risk in vain. You can offer a Scam in which to participate, just not worth it.

Dream mages

A dream in which you visited the theatre, speaks about the imminent fun at a social event in intellectual circles. Become a spectator of the Comedy – prefer frivolous and fleeting pleasure, is also a dream reflects your bad taste. Enjoy the parts of the Opera – your intellectual level growing, you will meet people from Bohemia. Cheering in my sleep too fascinated by a minor occupation. To see what working in the theatre – you will always be in the center of interesting events, get the surprises.

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