What dream well

What dreams well?

dream interpretation well

What dream well

Russian dream book

Well, seen in a dream, portends a desire to acquire knowledge, which is somewhere in the depths. Drinking water from the well, says about the desire for a sleeping person. Also, this dream may for my husband to symbolize a conversation with the opposite sex.

Star dream interpretation

The well acts in dreams as a symbol of the depth of the relationship. If the water is clean and pleasant to the taste, then you are all good with understanding in the family or a loved one. Dirty water foretells problems. If you hit the sleep with well water, it indicates the depth of your feelings, spirituality.

Home dream interpretation

In this dream clean well symbolizes wealth and wisdom.

The Jewish dream book

Depending on the time of year when I dream, it may portend different events. To see well in the spring – before business profitability, profits, summer is to wait for news. If the dreamer in the fall had a deep well, be wary: in real life someone gossips about you. In the winter, to see such a dream made attempts to learn the truth, the secrets.

If a man’s scared and dreams of his fall into the well, it is trouble, distress, and change. When the well fall money, in reality it promises the opportunity to avoid their losses. Lowered into the well decorations to protect yourself from diseases. To raise from the depth of the well a bucket of water – to protect themselves from damage.

Magical dream interpretation

Well in the dream promises a notable income. If it is neglected and dirty, in real life people have to start it from the beginning. Seeing the well with a full bucket of water, we can assume that the dreamer is lucky in real life to make a profit. His financial situation stabiliziruemost. Get a bucket of water to live in abundance. If you dream that you drink water, give her experience to others, it speaks about the success cases and the ability to give good advice to others. If you are trying to draw water, but in the well it is not, then in reality you should be patient. Hard work will pay off soon. When a man in a dream watching from the well through the top the water flows, it indicates a generosity to people who don’t deserve it. Beautiful and well maintained well to get the prize.

Akulina Dream Interpretation

Well for a person can dream to unexpected new acquaintances and excellent prospects for the future. You can just imagine that you get your water from a well, and it is fresh and clean. Unable to drink it.

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