Dream interpretation: dreamt of the sun

When you dream you see a bright sun that’s blinding rays, or goes behind the clouds or sets behind the edge of the horizon, you can find the interpretation of such visions, seeing the dream. The sun is the symbol of luck, happiness and prosperity. To predict where had this dream, remembering the details of the vision and how you saw the sun.

What dream sun dream

What dream sun dream

Women’s dream book

Dazzling light, seen in a dream suggests that in your life there comes a streak of luck and prosperity. If the rays break through the clouds, it is also a good sign that the troubles behind. See the sunset – to change circumstances in life. The sun hides in the clouds – will soon be a cause for concern.

Gypsy dream book

  • To see the bright sun – a rich life, the birth of a child;
  • Sunset – deception, false rumors;
  • Red to disease;
  • Over the house – fire;
  • Solar Eclipse – a big loss, a loss.

Dream interpretation of psychologist A. meneghetti

If the sleeper sees the sun in a dream, so he’s happy with his life. If the sun is in exciting emotions, joy at the completion of a great work.

Dream interpretation of the writer Aesop

  • Bask in the sun – you love surrounding:
  • The West have nothing to look back on the past, you need to take new steps in this;
  • To sunburn is a loved one really hurt you;
  • Catching sunbeams – unwillingness to take responsibility;
  • To draw the sun to be alone;
  • Solar Eclipse – the collapse of expectations, illness, unhappiness.

Small dream book of Veles

To dream of the sun – to a prosperous life, wealth, a new acquaintance. If it shines red rays will be losses, but if goes below the horizon or hidden in the clouds, it will be difficult to achieve your goal. Black sun – death. If lights shone bed – disease or the sleeping ones. To see the water shining in the sun – fortunately and create a new family.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If dreamt the sun, which means you have the opportunity to achieve everything that you want, will be success in work or brilliantly pass the exam.

  • Tan – unwillingness to perceive the environment the way it is;
  • To see the East – a good sign;
  • Bright lights up the room — you will get an inheritance, profit, improvement of financial status;
  • Eclipse – war, famine and natural disasters.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

A dream can be interpreted in different ways depending on how much the sun is shining in my sleep. If it dazzles and hurts the eyes – to quarrel, but if you see that in Sunny weather the rain has gone, you will find a long happiness with your loved ones. If you dream you see 2 sun, be sure that very soon there will be people who can support you and dispel your doubts.

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