What a dream Sparrow?

A bird a Sparrow symbolizes arrogance, unnecessary actions, empty things, life is spent in wandering. In some circumstances, such a dream could indicate your desire to help people, the warmth, kindness, ability to listen.

What a dream Sparrow in the dream, dream interpretation

What a dream Sparrow in the dream, dream interpretation

A bird in the house

In the book of dreams, a bird in the house – gossip, indiscretion in conversations. You need to think twice before you Express out loud your thoughts. Reckless words can lead to a quarrel, serious problems.

To catch the Sparrow to chase him – a chance encounter.

To catch the bird, hold – romantic Dating, love, marriage. Chances are that girl-the dreamer may become pregnant soon.

Not to catch the Sparrow – fail in personal matters. Will make love, but will not succeed in this.

To miss – you won’t stand for their happiness, you can lose what you have.

The dream book says that if a Sparrow beats against the window, wanting to get into the house, he is the harbinger of death someone from close people.


To pluck a Sparrow in the dream is to find a trusting man, to Rob him.

Shoot – good luck, successfully completed trials, the goal, for the benefit of themselves and other people.

Keep in cage to disease, poor health.

To eat the Sparrow – in the near future are expected new friends.

Feed the birds from their hands or throw them crumbs for unmarried girls to the engagement, the wedding.

Many sparrows

To see a large number of sparrows – trouble, a lot of important things that require quick decisions.

Birds dance on the fly is a luxury, visiting beautiful places, creative success.

Sparrows in the dream, scream, swear with crows – fun, celebration, drinking alcohol in a noisy company.

Fly – important news or intemperate promises.

Jump under his feet, tweeting is a joy for the welfare of children.

To see the sparrows fighting with each other – you’ll be faced with bureaucracy, official, government or legal Affairs.

Flock of birds – you will discuss, dismiss false rumors. Because of this, lose the rest, will experience to rely on the words of others.

If a Sparrow in the dream looks sad, sick, or injured, then you should prepare for the sad events. To see how birds bathe in a puddle – a success thanks to the ability to skillfully keep the conversation going. If you dream about a Sparrow, who feeds the Chicks – be careful with relatives, you can to insult them, this will lead to a quarrel.

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