What does a dream about souls of dead people

Every dream of the soul, seen in a dream, explains in his own way. Interpreting a specific dream about the soul, the dream indicates the details of the plot, and you must analyze the situation in real life.

Soul sleep

What it means to see a dream about the soul of people?

Whose soul you saw in your dream?

Had its own soul

If in a dream dreamed its own soul, the reality of the problems might arise. They will be hastily taken decisions, thoughtless acts-negligence.

During sleep the soul is a Ghost – in reality, in danger. The threat will introduce a stupid deeds and actions performed for the good. In reality you should carefully consider your steps, responsible approach to decision making.

Dreaming of dead people

The appearance of the souls of the dead in a dream gives him an alarming value. It is considered a representation of the real events, when in life there is a longing for the lost person.

The vision can be interpreted and is not usual. Sometimes the sign predicted recovery to gain financial prosperity. May cause chance to form a family, obtaining the expected results.

Spring dream interpretation

The arrival of soul sleep may presage a Bane in reality. It should be ascertained that it is indeed your soul, even if she has a different look.

Dream interpretation of the Duke of Zhou-Gong

Own soul, walks out of the body. A dream is considered a harbinger of recovery from serious illness.

French dream book

Dreams that the soul flies into the sky. In real life, the vision predicts serious feelings for the lost wealth.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

The spirit appeared in a dream – a sign of piety and religiosity. It is also a testimony to the honesty, care, generosity and mercy. The vision showed prayers for the salvation of his soul – in reality there is a situation when you have to ask for the support of God. Only then will come peace and harmony. Dream that the soul departs from the body, soon severe disability or death.

What happened with his soul in a dream?

The soul flies in a dream

Hovering near or separated from the body, the spirit warns of trouble. Their occurrence is associated with haste, rash decisions.

If in the dream the spirit completely disappeared, in reality, waiting for regret, anxiety, disorder. It is a sign of missed chances, opportunities that later would lead to happiness.

The soul leaves the body

The mark symbolizes the idea that you have made a major contribution. But it may be that they are not important. Probably health and strength wasted, and the result will be minimal.

Vanga dream book in the souls that leave the body, predicting a sad event. Soon will come the news of the death or dangerous illness of a loved one.

In the dream, I want to take the soul

The vision symbolizes the suppression of motives. In real life there are hopes and goals I want to achieve.

Also the dream indicates the presence of fear, limitation of actions, the need for freedom and realizing their potential.

What is the soul you dream?

In the vision there was a black soul. This situation has an adverse meaning. Enemies and detractors will begin to be active, disrupting the calm. Reality should be the observation, which will help to notice and avert the danger.

In the sources there are several interpretations to explain the emergence of the etheric body in the dream. French dream spirits in hell, if they dreamed the patient, means quick healing. Summer dream is the interpretation of the vision, which is talking about the spirit among atheists. This means that soon the communion with the priest. Prayers in the Church for the salvation of the spirit, in autumn dream, a sign that in reality it would be time to do it.

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