As different dream books interpret the win in a dream

Probably everyone wants to win a large sum of money to carry out his cherished dream. And what a dream prize, tells different interpreters.

what a dream win

What a dream win

A modern dream book

Surprising windfall predicts received in a dream prize for the popular choice when participating in competitive events.

When they managed to win in gambling, you should treat strangers with caution, because you can get a nasty deception.

The warning of impending threat and danger or the risk of losing some valuable things – what can dream of winning.

In the dream portends a win for a young man who is active in sports, a quick victory in the competition.

When in a dream you saw that he had lost the money won, so not really perceive the other person’s words seriously that in the near future will come to regret.

If in a dream managed to win a Board game – possible danger in reality.

When you had to beat a partner in playing cards – in reality will experience failure in important Affairs.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

In the dream book winning the lottery means in reality that you receive important news about unpleasant.

The dream dictionary from A to z

When you saw yourself in a casino where it was possible to break large sum, get in reality of rotation in vulgar society, and a lot of pleasures at the expense of others.

To win the battle in battle – so there is a high probability that you will soon correct the condition and take care of all things was some sort of problem. The lady, seeing such a dream, in reality will use the increased attention from the male.

When had that the win went to the opponent, so in reality, in family matters you can expect full understanding and harmony, and in the business world it would be even better.

If in the dream had a chance to take part in sports and win – in reality there would be no problematic situations with men. And all in matters of the heart will be fine.

When in a dream you won the bet – in real life, fate will be very supportive to you.

To win when playing card – reality will succeed, though with difficulty, to justify himself before the law.

When you saw in the dream, as the winner is someone other than you, then you’ll find entertainment in the noisy company.

In the dream, you have calculated that it will result in wins – in reality will be considered a loss.

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