Dream interpretation: to dream of the President

Your subconscious mind this night was so unexpected and original that you dream you saw the President of his country? This fact alone is so unusual, and I want to know what dreams of the President.

We need peace and the President?

We need peace and the President?

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you just happened to be in a meeting or in a place where there is a President, then that’s a good sign that promises success, but if you dream you talk to him, what are you going to be disappointed. But if you are the President, you’ll have difficulties likely with health, but can be others.

Esoteric dream book

You can clearly see the President, talk to him and even probe it – do not be so eager to follow the political situation to worry about events that are taking place. Dreaming of the tiger spring if the President is not known to you, in life you are waiting for some interesting news. See yourself as President – in life it is better to temper their ambitions, their redundancy will not benefit you.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

To dream of the President to the troubles in life, yourself in one of them the environment will be disappointed in something.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

Trouble and frustration in business – that’s what dream of the President. And if you do take his place, especially sitting in his chair, before you zealously defend their opinions, listen to the advice of a wise man. You see the election of the President – this dream promises you a chance to improve their situation. Had the assassination attempt on the President – beware of envy, you try to slander in front of your loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Sarminskoe

A dream in which appears the President is access through the subconscious of your leadership abilities and aspirations.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

To dream of the President and chat with him – you will find a big disappointment, they themselves are the President in a dream – beware, this dream foretells an accident.

What else can dream this way?

This may indicate that the cause for which you undertook in real life, you obviously can’t handle.

Also, the dream may mean a quick reassessment of your thoughts and possibilities. Beware to take on the task, not be able to perform.

In your sleep you shook the President’s hand – you will find extremely useful acquaintance.

Dreaming of the tiger spring if the President is unfamiliar to you, the more importance you will play the words spoken to them.

The change of heads of state stand for the change on your job.

Even sleep with the President makes an allusion to the fact that watching political Affairs, you miss personal Affairs, and this can cause problems in the future.

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