What a dream in which you see the icon of the Mother of God?

An icon for a long time meant the symbol of faith in a higher power. Sleep with the image of the virgin Mary – a special sign. It testifies to the necessary revaluation of life values. In this case, the foreground should come out of the spiritual and the eternal, and the material to remain on the sidelines.

to dream of an icon

What does it mean to dream of an icon of the mother of God


A dream where there is a icon, then a sign sent by Providence. People have a heavy moral choice. You can give preference to a dishonorable path, promising her earthly blessings, and it is possible to remain a decent human being with a clear conscience. Icons of the Church having to do with that in the future you will find solace in God.

A modern dream book

To dream of an icon – to the emergence of new ties and contacts with the right persons. You can make a good deal even with bad circumstances. To pray before the icon to obtain a great deal from colleagues at work.

Ukrainian dream book

The images of the saints in the dream was good. If the girl dreaming that a mother conveys to him the icon, it means happy marriage. A dream in which a woman looks at an icon, upcoming difficult choice of life partner.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Had the icon can mean success in business Affairs, to promise good health and family well-being. When a man is dreaming that he is bowing before the image, it is necessary to wait for the disappearance of the house. What a dream the mother of God? It promises consolation from troubles and suffering.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

A dream where you buy an icon, shows the friends to help in a difficult case. Don’t get me wrong, it means that people have now is also not the best of times. Try to understand them and stay the bigger person. So you won’t be alone afterwards.

Dreams of love relationships

Icon dream, when an intimate relationship with a partner I don’t enjoy. You can even consider a relationship with him with sin. This happens if the person does not know what is true love. Think about and understand feelings, then everything will fall into place.

Esoteric dream book

Good face icons with a dream in a dream good luck. This means that higher power you patronize. The image with the dark face dream to temptation. Try to control your pride and ego when dealing with people. To dream of an icon of Bozhiej of Mother in need of spiritual calm. It can also warn you about what you need to cultivate.

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