What person sees in a dream

To dream of the man we had every girl, because when I think about the man, he comes to you in dreams. The interpretation of such dreams is interesting and controversial, much depends on the details of the dream and even what place this man occupies in your life. Astrologers are constantly working to find new values of the sleep in which man is the main character.

male sleep

Kissing in a dream a man: beloved or a stranger?

The interpretation of the different dream books in the world

If you dreamed a dream, the dream of the Meridian will reveal secrets of sleep.

  1. Many attractive men, fun, unforgettable time.
  2. See the company of strangers to a woman’s career will go up; for men – success in business.
  3. The company of older men – praise you in the eyes of others you are a respectable person.
  4. Kiss a man in a dream the embodiment the dreams of this second half. If you remember the facial features, look to reality to similar to man, the subconscious mind suggests to you about it.
  5. If you’re cuddling with a friend at your house, it promises you a pleasant homely atmosphere.
  6. Hugging a male relative (brother, uncle) – wait for the guests, the father – to the sad news.
  7. A dream with a loved one – in your relationship everything is good, and so it will continue. In the reverse situation – you pay little attention.
  8. You are invited on a date – it could be a prophetic dream.
  9. In the dream, to seek solace in the arms of strangers – you are dissatisfied with the current relationship they have, everything goes wrong.
  10. For a man to see his girl/woman with the other – may cause serious contender.
  11. The girl in the dream scared the representative of the stronger sex will have something to worry about.
  12. To twist an affair with a married man – you are not satisfied with your husband. For unmarried girls fail to get married.

To dream of a beloved man, with whom you broke up, next to another woman – perhaps your breakup was because he preferred her rival. To see the former in sorrow – he regrets what happened, even if he was the initiator of the breakup.

Every husband’s dream book interprets in his own way. Sometimes values overlap, and sometimes is the opposite – it all depends on the specific situation in the dream.

  • The American dream has positioned man as a strength of character, the practical part of the psyche.
  • Oriental dream book says that if a man had a girl waiting for her fun and joy. If he is ugly, unpleasant, will be disappointed. The hero of the dream seems mysterious, dressed in hat and cloak you do not want anyone to share their views, experiences, but this can not be avoided.
  • Italian dream book positions the man as a positive life, good support.
  • Lunar dream – to see a man in a dream without clothes (Nude) – fear, shame, problems with women’s health.

Most astrologers agree that to dream of a boy and a man of age – a good sign, on this day, you will succeed. But there are negative interpretations, their dream book 1918: a man in a shirt/chemise, the poor or the unfortunate, evidence of membership in an unhappy marriage. If he has a white beard – wait health problems.

Upset, unhappy husband dreams to bad mood, emotions, situation when everything goes wrong, a bald rich. For women to dream of intimacy with her husband, loss of wealth, of the condition, discover a dead body on the street – soon you will find good sources of income.

Matters even hair color and the appearance of the person, which come to you in a dream brunette – interesting acquaintance; blond – frivolous, not serious relationships. If the appearance of the man in the dream scared you, expect problems and quarrels with your partner. The stranger warns you about the Commission of an adventure.

Male-actor – to the loss of a loved one, a serious quarrel with friends, and the prisoner behind the bars, – to implement long-standing plans. A gynecologist or obstetrician is the harbinger of disease.

To go on a date, kiss in a dream with a man and to rejoice, to cry in reality, through most of nothing. Old small difficulties that will make you nervous; young – comfort in the house.

Family dream book

The man who came in a dream can tell a lot about the real state of things.

  • Your husband is cheerful and happy – the house is also wealth and good relationships.
  • A furious quarrel with her husband – difficulties that will eventually end happily.
  • To see the man a nasty, ugly – dissatisfaction with their situation.
  • The woman saw herself in the image of a man – she will cope with everything and can rely on yourself.

The Dream Miller

In this dream a man is treated differently. Agile – in the future you will have the condition; ugly – you are exhausted, driven to tears; good – you will become popular, in demand and will attract attention at least in his circle.

French dream book

The girl to see such dreams – prosperity, success, abundance women’s fate. The man stumbling blocks in business negotiations, quarrels with partners, colleagues. The white – clad joy, a good sign, black – sadness and sorrow. Low growth, you overcome difficulties, fat – the list goes on. Humpback – a bad dream, be ready to deception.

If you look in General, male dream interpretation – a good sign, it often symbolizes long life, joy, fulfillment of desires. Through the sleep the person can tell about the future, marriage, family, successful business.

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