Swimming in the hole in the dream

Sleep, which certifies the hole, represents an opportunity to get into danger. If you fell into a hole, the chance to avoid a negative situation you have very little. When you are trying to choose and exert all efforts to save climbing out of the hole, so can make your health better. To fish in the hole – an unfavorable sign. Not cherish vain hopes. Dive into the hole in the dream. Stand near the hole or to do it yourself – what is this dream?

Sleep the than Russian

Sleep the hole

Dream Interpretation Adaskina

If I had to dream of the hole in the ice of a large pond, know that you are in danger, which is very difficult to recognize immediately, so you will need to identify these. Fell into a hole – most likely, you will happen bad situation, which was not planned in advance.

Also, you may suddenly lose a large amount of money. Will be able to get on the ice – your Affairs will go uphill, you will be able to restore the status quo. Catch fish? You have to take risks, but you’ll do it for their own benefit. You decide to swim in the hole in the dream? Will be able to improve their health.

What does the dream mean?

If you will be able to unravel the concept of own dreams, in the future it will help to avoid many problems. Had to fish at the same time be in complete peace, without feeling any danger? You should pay attention to relationships with loved ones, establishing them. In the future you will be able to thanks to this good material benefit.

A positive value has a dream in which man had no emotional excitement to look at the hole, remaining at a respectful distance. It’s a sign that says that soon you may be able to improve the relationship with someone important.

A dream where I had to fall in the hole, does not promise anything good. You are waiting for disappointment or trouble. Perhaps your negative habits will soon change your character, which is bad for relationships. Please exercise caution and calm.

Almost always the hole symbolizes the onset of danger to the dreamer. His behavior during the dream and associated feelings tell you about how well it is able to overcome the obstacle. Looking at their behavior from the outside, you can highlight your own weaknesses in order to neutralize them. So there will be more chances to win.

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