What does it mean to dream of a gold ring?

Every single girl is waiting for your loved one and only men’s offers of marriage. What is the dream is a harbinger of this event and after which the parts, seen in a dream, it is safe to try on your wedding dress, tell the wise dreams.

What dreams gold ring

What dreams gold ring

Dream Interpretation Filomena

The ring is a symbol of complete life cycle. a gold ring may be the forerunner of a speedy marriage or proposal to enter into a legal marriage.

Dream Meridian

If a gold ring had a young girl in the near future she will receive a proposal of marriage. To dream of a gold ring of the fair sex, which does not have a stable relationship, says that very soon she will meet a young man, with which together for a long time, and perhaps even live with him a happy family life.

For men to dream gold ring with agate – a harbinger of problems at work and in personal life. If a young person buys into the dream ring to someone as a gift, in real life it can be difficult to make a choice between several girls.

If you dream that you found the ring, in life you will meet a reliable companion and partner.

Dream interpretation of the Meridian also explains what dreams Golden ring on your finger, in real life, you can realize your dreams. If the ring you are wearing stranger, waking to find a way out of a difficult situation will help a stranger.

If you dream you are trying on the ring, and it is not your size – in your life you never found your one true companion, you might need to change the requirements for opposite sex, not to stay alone the rest of your life.

A dream in which a young man gives you a gold ring – in reality the formalization of the relationship in the offing. If this dream to a married woman your man has for you the deepest and beautiful feelings.

Losing the ring – to divorce.

Women’s dream book

What dreams gold ring, interpreted in a feminine dream. In this ring is treated as a vicious circle of unresolved problems and conflicts, sincere and strong relationship, mutual vows. If you dream you see a ring on his hand, so, in life you expect a good deals and offers.

If you dream that a stranger wearing a ring, it promises to improve the welfare, and new pleasant acquaintances.

A dream in which a stranger puts you on her finger engagement ring, foreshadows the solution to your problems with the participation of a stranger. If you are interested in what I could dream of a gold ring, presented to a young person you now are in a relationship, the interpretation is quite simple – in reality it wholeheartedly to you tied and ready with you to go through life together.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

In the dream book of healer’s gold ring is a symbol of fidelity. To put a ring on your finger to someone — in reality to be betrayed by the person. If the ring you wear in real life people are willing to follow you to the end of the world if you ask me.

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