To dream of the enemy – what is it?

Dream – maps of reality. Therefore, it is important to remember the main events occurring in the dream, and to interpret them correctly. Around each of us there is a sufficiently large number of people, which can be divided into three categories – friends, acquaintances and enemies. Very often the person who comes in a dream can scare greater extent than would occur in real life. Different interpretations of the appearance of a character gives any dream interpretation, the enemy is in a dream mainly interpreted as a symbol of the negative.

What a dream enemy in the dream, dream interpretation

What a dream enemy in the dream, dream interpretation

Women’s dream book

According to this popular interpretation, an enemy that appears in a dream can be interpreted in different ways, depending on the specific circumstances of the vision. To dream of the enemy means that in the near future we should expect losses. To avoid this, you need to prepare in advance, at the right time to be prepared and to protect their rights and interests.

The second interpretation of this image – a signal of impending illness. Perhaps the body signals that should limit contact with an unpleasant person, in order to maintain physical and emotional health.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

It all depends on how the enemy appears, the contacts and relationships established during sleep. If the enemy pursues, catches up, this shows, on the contrary, a favorable decision problems, the successful completion of the situation. If you just see the enemy in the dream may be a reconciliation with an enemy, if you have to talk to him in a dream, the will to fight, to continue the showdown in real life.

Sometimes the dream is too cruel, when it ends with the death of the enemy. Kill the enemy in a dream means that one is unconsciously ready to end the relationship with the alleged enemy. Everything will end without bloodshed for both sides, or the enemies will disperse in different directions or share the spheres of influence will preserve neutrality without hurting the interests of each other.

Small dream book of Veles

The interpretation of dreams also go from reverse, the interpretation of the vision of Vice versa. To see their own dream of the enemy is, everything in life goes well, to defeat him in battle, or the battle symbolizes the imminent successful solution of a business situation or a personal problem. Play with the so – called enemy to reconciliation, only to be caught they may mean that soon the way of any obstacles or difficulties.

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