To dream of the sea

How to interpret dreams about the sea?

What dreams of the sea

What dreams of the sea

Alphabet of dreams

To dream of the sea means to feel the elation, to be ready for new aspirations and creativity.

If the water surface is calm and blue, you are waiting for joy and luck. If a storm in the sea, its waters are troubled, you are in big trouble because of the inability to control myself. Your feelings are not mutual.

Oriental dream book

If you stand on the shore and see the turbulent waves, you’re in for a life of amusement, pleasures, romance novels.

If during bad weather you were in the water, ready to quarrel with a loved one.

If the girl dreamed that the sea surface is calm, and they sail through it with someone you love on the personal front, all goes well. Wait for the execution of even the most ambitious wishes.

Imperial dream book

Dream about the sea symbolizes your spiritual strength and ability. The elements is impressive: despite the fact that sometimes it brings trouble, we like to look on the calm water, and rough waves. People engaged in shipping, do not refuse the selected trails for the most lucrative goods on the shore.

The sea is a natural connoisseur. His contemplation even from afar helps recharge your vitality, to eliminate the stagnation of energy in the body. It improves the condition of the human soul, which positively affects the body.

To see the endless sea, to admire his infinite means to be in a state of harmony and «fill-in».

If you admire the water, stretching beyond the horizon, you realize the future way of life. Your way is not just a set of external circumstances and actions. This process of perception and awareness of the surrounding world and himself. It happens gradually opens over time.

It is impossible to say what dreams of the sea: the vision does not lead to real events. It reflects your inner state: your vast spiritual potential, you feel the unity of the world and their place in it.

If water is causing you fear, you risk to abandon spiritual development. Then your life will become a sequence of household things, you will be fixated on the material.

If you see a stormy sea, pause. Excessive activity to achieve planned may lead to the opposite result: you will be swept away you have created the same situation.

Children’s dream book

If you clearly understand what’s around salt water, you are waiting for disappointment and frustration.

If the water surface is calm, you have nothing to worry about: all goes well.

A dream about stormy sea promises a wide variety of events in the near future.

Women’s dream book

If you dream of yourself floating in calm water close to your beloved, you are waiting for joy and prosperity. All wishes will come true, and life together will be long and happy.

Lunar dream book

If you dreamed of the waves, wait for trouble and cash losses, if you are floating on the smooth surface, will soon receive a profit in the spiritual or material sense.

Intimate dream

The answer to the question, what dreams of the sea and the beach, can tell a lot about your intimate thoughts and fantasies. If you see the water surface far away, then sex for you is something inaccessible and forbidden. You find it hard to imagine that he is able to give pleasure. The thing in relation to his appearance: complexes keep you are forced to keep the tension in the most crucial moments.

If you contemplate the peaceful waters while on the coast or on the deck of the ship, you do not have enough of rest. Do not worry: in the near future possible long-awaited relaxation.

To dream of a stormy sea – so to get a perfect night of passion. You will find a real pleasure no need to plan: everything is already decided in advance.

If you swim in a sea in a dream, you feel good. Source of life energy for you – rich intimate life. If you dive into the water, we soon learn unpleasant facts.

If the water bathes your friend, soon you will help him cope with a serious problem.

Idiomatic dream book

Answers to the question, «why do I dream of the sea?» a lot.

«Sea of something» – an excess, abundance.

«Reckless» – no courage.

«Sea wolf» – an experienced person who knows how to find a way out of a difficult situation.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you are sailing across the waves in your life will soon be changes for the better. You get what you want: money, healing or love.

If you hear the sound of water far, you will find a lonely and sad life.

The answer to the question, what dream of a storm at sea, – the possible loss. If you fell in the water – danger is waiting for you. If you calmly swim next to someone you love – relationship will be successful or you will soon meet a «soul mate».

Family dream book

If you watch the shore, you will find a regular and stable life. To make any major changes now will fail despite all attempts.

If the water is restless, get ready for problems on the personal or professional front.

The answer to the question, what a dream to swim in the sea depends on the surrounding circumstances. If the water is calm and you’re floating, a possible tension with his family. Control yourself, the reason of disorder could be your lack of restraint. If water boils, your life is crowded with events, which are sometimes difficult to understand.

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