What dreams about a surgeon (doctor)

Prividevshayasya in the dream, the doctor can testify about many things. First and foremost, it is an occasion to think about their health. For accurate interpretation it is necessary to remember what kind of doctor was present in the dream. For example, the surgeon raved to the threat posed by colleagues or superiors.

sleep surgeon

What does a dream about surgeon?

Mythological dream book

The main job of the surgeon to perform operations of various parts of the body. So, sleep with this doctor symbolizes a different sort of energetic processes that occur in the human body. To further his spiritual world-view must change and become more perfect.

A modern dream book

Instruments the surgeon usually dream about when the relationship with business partners is about to deteriorate. For a young woman seen a harbinger of the painful condition. You must be warned beforehand about their health. Also, this dream says about the unpleasant emotions that you will be communicating with each other.

Life-dream interpretation

To see yourself in the role of a surgeon in a dream – a bad sign. Stop disturb others with their advice, otherwise this behavior could end badly. If imagining a doctor who operates with you, get ready for a difficult choice between family and loved ones. The girl doctor sometimes dream during the upcoming gynecological surgery.

Dream Interpretation Lofa D.

According to this dream book surgeon is a symbol of the accumulated problems. Their solutions will be quite painful, but the result is worth it. For some time you will need to show fortitude and cope with negative emotions that arise after settling all issues.

Dream Interpretation Of Freud.

A doctor with a scalpel in the hands can show people who have sadistic tendencies. After this dream is to listen to your inner feelings and perhaps see a psychologist. If you don’t call yourself an aggressive person, then dreaming means that the body just needs to rest.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

The surgeon in the dream warns of possible failures. Think about what tasks it is better to postpone for a while, or you are having difficulty with their implementation. Do not worry, as this bad luck will not last long.

Esoteric dream book

To survive operation in their dreams before emergence and development of new skills. The dreamer can become a psychic or learn to cure the illnesses of others through touch. If you dream that you are operating with someone, you need to stop in reality to manipulate others.

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