What a dream doctor

The word «doctor» there is an Association with the good doctor Aibolit. A good dream where you saw the doctor? Here’s what they say about the different dream books.

What a dream doctor, dream interpretation

What a dream doctor, dream interpretation

A modern dream book

Before the arrival of new ideas – that’s what dreams doctor.

When you had a chance to see the doctor, expect the development of any disease.

Were on reception at the doctor – there are various troubles and disorders.

In the dream, the doctor may represent your friend.

Just saw in a dream the doctor – wait for joyful event.

When in the dream you told me about the symptoms the doctor for any ailment, really you are waiting for the unpleasant moments in your personal life or career.

Went to a speech therapist – so you’re too talkative and are themselves a source of many personal problems.

Optometrist is a symbol of your doubt in your abilities and forces, which does not allow you to solve any bad situation.

Went to the reception to the pediatrician – you may have difficulty in raising children or doing is not quite right.

Your enemies will look for ways to deal with you – that’s what dreams dentist.

Family dream book

Beheld the doctor, who was leaning over the bed, it can predict your future disease.

When you’re in a dream felt like a doctor personally, so you in error, because you overestimate their own strength and capabilities.

When you have seen the surgeon at work, expect a good opportunity to get rid of competitors in business or to defeat a stubborn opponent in personal life.

Women’s dream book

In dream doctor, seen a young girl is treated as an option of sacrificing their beauty to get pleasure from empty entertainment events.

When a girl really unhealthy, sees such a dream, it is a short commemoration of the disease, and obvious concern for any reason.

Universal dream

The doctor in the dream may be a symbol of a therapeutic agent or a desire for knowledge of new things.

I saw in the dream the doctor is awake should think about their own health.

In the dream you are personally performed by a physician – you may be able to see in it some thread of connection with your professional bias, which will, in turn, to get out of the predicament.

To remember how you treated the doctor in the dream. Perhaps the dream is a sign warning not to trust some individuals and take care of your own health into your own hands.

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