Dream interpretation: to dream yard

Many citizens are unfamiliar with this concept, as the yard, its own territory. Those who live outside the city or in the village, value the native corner of the earth, for them it is of great importance. To dream of the yard is a very important symbol, which is associated with protection, prosperity, carefree future.

Esoteric dream book

The yard is in a dream indicates the relationship with neighbors, friends, co-workers in real life. Clean yard – clean relations around, dirty indicates that close to malevolent people.

What dreams yard dream interpretation

What dreams yard dream interpretation

Autumn dream interpretation

According to him, all just a dream, in which there is a yard, just means that person will walk in the fresh air. For many citizens it is already tantamount to a miracle.

Summer dream

If the main place in the dream – yard, where children play, a person expects in the near future many joyful moments.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

In the literature the word «yard» – a symbol of family, so the events in the yard (in the dream), will be transferred to real life or tell you what to change in the present. For example, according to the dream, the yard clean – this is an attempt to clean house figuratively and literally from trash to build relationships with family members.

Dirty yard, a symbol of disconnection, loneliness and insecurity in one’s own family (the yard).

Little court – limitation of freedom, the coming difficult times. Buying a home with a private yard speaks of the determination to have a family to provide for her, to protect and preserve.

The yard behind the fence, a symbol of what the person is trying to protect the house, the inner world from external attacks. The higher the fence, the stronger the desire to be closed from the outside world. But a high fence on the other hand, is a symbol of envy people to the owner of the yard.

Seen old, rickety and abandoned fence around the yard suggests that people overestimate its strength, or not able to correlate spending to income. To see yourself in someone else’s yard – the unpleasantness at risk of becoming a victim of fraud.

Small dream book of Veles

All depends on the condition of the yard and from what the people in this yard. If the area is cleaned, maintained, inspected sleep, dirty, untidy yard – evidence of inner laziness and boredom.

Dream interpretation wanderer

This interpreter of dreams courtyard connects with the person’s state of mind: pure – the order of the soul, sincerity.

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