What dream court

The hearing – not the most pleasant dream, no matter what quality you have not seen. What dream court?

dream interpretation the court

How to interpret the dream court in the dream

Family dream book

If you had a courthouse, this means that in real life you are not going to sit idly by. Soon you’ll need a lot of energy.

If a young girl sees in a dream that is present at the trial, for her the dream was a bad omen. Someone wants to slander, and excuses will not be easy.

Lose sleep – you can’t accept failure, you must pull yourself together. To attend the trial as an observer – your enemies are closely watching you and waiting for your blunder.

Dream lovers

What dreams the woman to the imminent separation from her husband because of infidelity, he might be fond of another. For men this dream suggests that the companion makes him high demands.

To appear before the last judgement, wait for judgement day – you feel guilty for their actions.

Common dream interpretation

This dream symbolizes the court that you participated in some kind of a Scam. If you survive, you will have to face the consequences of his act, but if you are not interested in the result of the case, will be able to get away with it.

To be a witness in court – soon you will have to choose to lose something material or lose their dignity in the eyes of others.

In a dream to sit on the dock promises bad news, misfortune, to judge who will subdue his enemies and gain respect.

What a dream to win the lawsuit to succeed in your career, lose – up of empty hopes. If you see yourself in a dream in the role of a lawyer in your personal life all is well in the family harmony.

Universal dream

What dream court? Since the court is a place where people defend their interests and rights, the dream suggests that in real life you are an uncompromising man who easily judge others.

If you dream that judged you, soon your enemies will start to spread nasty gossip.

The Dream Miller

If a woman dreamt that she is on the court and judge her, in reality she’s worried about the setbacks in his personal life and considers himself guilty in the breakup of past relationships. If she endure the sentence, afraid of condemnation of others. You dream the day of judgment – in order to successfully finish the job, you need to lay low and not show his power. Present in the court in closed session – by coincidence, you find yourself know someone else’s secrets. According to this dream interpretation, the court is a symbol of remorse.

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