What dream vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner can be interpreted as a symbol of a certain narrowness, insularity, or lack of free time for personal relationships.

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What dream vacuum cleaner

The American dream

The cleaner, as indicated by the dream, may be a sign of loneliness associated with permanent employment, or fears. It is time to cross through the flimsy complexes or to enter in his diary a meeting with the special people.

Vacuuming – to solve problems quickly and dramatically. A good sign.

The newest dream book

Might lead to some disappointment in friends (the dust – to unfriendly environment, cheaters, haters). But the declassification will bring trouble.

If vacuuming is not your home – you need to remember whose is housing. The landlord may face dishonest people or aggravation of conflicts in the family.

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

What dream of any vacuum cleaner is the ability to quickly and efficiently to solve urgent problems. To cope with the cleaning for a short time – a sign that the decision must be taken instantly. Other, more convenient opportunities to get rid of a load of trouble would not be repeated.

New vacuum cleaner – donated to the fate of a new chance.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Vacuum cleaner – a symbol that comes a new, lighter («clean») band. May manifest themselves close to the man, domineering personality will help. For the family, such a dream promises a better relationship. It is possible, it is expected the new romantic period, refreshing the senses or, at least, the solution of conflict situations.

Universal dream

Collect dust with a vacuum cleaner – for dishonesty and deception. But someone who is a dreamer will be a liar or he will fall into the trap of someone’s lies is unknown. But caution does not hurt, and honesty towards others. Anyway, the truth will prevail.

The Jewish dream book

Vacuum cleaner – before I met swaggering, dishonest man. First (and positive) opinion about it will be «dust» (deception). Maybe he will be a good set to the dreamer, but the note of confidence will hinder in building relationships. His reputation will be tarnished.

Home dream interpretation

A vacuum cleaner according to dream interpretation, and its use, which can speak in the dream, the desire of the dreamer (and the opportunity) to finish what has long bothered or interfered with (such as dust). May end in a difficult divorce, finalized by the project finally will take the bosses. But evident health problems should not be ignored. Recovery depends on speedy treatment in the clinic, so to ignore symptoms is not necessary.

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