What does a dream in which you see a bride in white?

To know what a dream bride can be in many dream books. The interpretation will depend on woman or man sees a dream in which dress the bride, happy or not. Most often seen in a dream bride – a good sign, but it could be a warning of danger.

What a dream bride

What a dream bride

Women’s dream book

If a girl sees that she’s the bride so, you can expect the inheritance, but if she’s not comfortable in a wedding dress, she will be upset about their friends. A kiss from the bride’s health, and if someone kisses her – to return the world between old acquaintances or friends. The bride tired, sad – acts friends disappoint. When in the dream the bride happy on her wedding – envy the success of friends or relatives.

Veles dream book

In this dream, the bride has its own dreams of young people as a warning of danger, the opponent is a stranger – unfortunately, sadness, with a wreath to the fire. Sleep for a woman where she is dressed as a bride, means loneliness, and expectation of happiness.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

The bride that dreams of the woman – it was her own reflection and the desire to find a family. For the husband the bride is a symbol of femininity friend and thoughts about marriage. But if a foreign fiancee, then you need to be wary of a rival and jealousy.

In the dream Freud

Dreams about her suitors is a sign that points to changes in relationships with loved ones – unmarried ladies they promise a cessation of quarrels, perhaps it comes to marriage. For a man to see his bride-to – self-doubt, to see her daughter in a dream – to rule the long-awaited meeting with the man.

Oriental dream book

According to this dream book, sleep with the bride in white to the disease, with a wreath – to be calm in the conduct of Affairs, no one is going to bother to do the work, with flowers in their hands – the hopes did not materialize.

Ugly bride-to – failure, excessive expectations. To see himself a bride with no groom desire to have a relationship. If a grown woman sees herself as a bride – sorrow of the past, of youth, beauty, joy, fear and old age. Indifference to the dreams of the bride to the groom – disappointment in him for real. If the widow dreamt that she was a bride – to tears.

To interpret a dream, what a dream bride in white, as profit, a gift to offer. For young people – a forced wedding due to pregnancy. Kiss the bride – to increase their capital, and if the bride kisses the guests at the wedding – to new friendships, important connections. For business ladies to see themselves in the role of the bride – operation will not bring a large profit or to wait for the money won.

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