What does it mean to dream of a tree branch

Dreaming with a branch on which grow green leaves, means great business success, loyal friends. Vine (vine) to dream about big happy love. If the branch is dried out, wait for sad news about a man who is missing currently.

dream interpretation branch

What a dream in which you see the branches of the tree

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon

In this dream branches, including the vine, have a pleasant acquaintance, which will grow into a long and happy love. A branch with ripe fruit means success in all things, profit, harmony in personal relations. Immature fruits portend danger, disease, misfortune.

People’s dreams

Vine means sincere love. Cut off the branches soon will cause the loss of a distant relative. Birch branches – to a long and happy life, willow – in the life of harmony, happiness and success in all endeavors. Willow – a symbol of Christianity, represents the victory of Christ. He saw in a dream the willow branch will be able to emerge victorious from all their mishaps and receive the blessing. Saw in a dream someone breaks off a branch, there would be a conflict with someone close to you. Increasing branch means prosperity, long life, success in business.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Green, flowering branches in the dream to a happy life, a supportive atmosphere amongst friends and relatives. Dried branch means unfulfilled plans and hopes, worsening of mood, depression.

Persian dream interpretation Tatlisi

In the East branch symbolizes close relatives – brothers, sisters, children, parents, grandchildren. Dense branching symbolizes the big family also means adding to the family. If you see that dry, stunted and sparse branches – your kind of fades away in the future, they get lonely. If you cut off the branch with his hands – there is a desire to remove or abandon some of the family members. You served in a branch with green leaves, fruits – will receive a gift, served dry, stunted branch, you can lose all the property.

Also to dream of the branches with fruit in real life can happen replenishment. Eat the fruit from the branches – wait for a good offspring. Your kids will grow up to be good people, they will always be near you. Acidic fruits – loss and adversity, but he who takes a branch, will be responsible for your problems. The sweet fruits promised to respect, fame and respect. Branch in hand with dense foliage and fruits up to financial prosperity, a great time among friends. Saw in a dream a broken branch – start problems in business, stagnation in business.

The Dream Miller

Branch with green foliage, bright fruits portends wealth, pleasant moments in the circle of true friends and loved ones.

Esoteric dream book

In esoteric astrology the branch of a tree – green and flowering – suggests that you are full of hope for a better future. Branch with leaves and fruits growing on the tree, a symbol that all your wishes will come true. Cut or picked the branch to achieve the objectives, fulfillment of hopes remains very little. If the branch has flowers come to the aid of faithful companions, growing fruit – relatives will not leave you in the lurch.

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