What does a dream in which you see the dough?

Find out what dreams the dough can be made in many dream books, but most agree that it’s a good sign that promises success and prosperity.

What dream dough

What dream dough

Russian dream book

Russian folk dream dough in the dream means prosperity in the family, prosperity. If the dough is mixed, ahead of a case over which order to succeed you have to work hard. Spoiled dough – a sign of a bad mood, but if I had to wallow in the test – in front of the difficulties which for a long time tightened all the work to bake pies to achieve goals, enjoy the rewards.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Aesopian dream dough interprets as a good sign. Kneading the dough and watching how it rises, is to wait for replenishment of the family. If in the dream, the dough rises quickly to catch him is difficult, and in reality should not expect that things will be successful – it is unlikely you will have time to deal with them before the deadline. If someone eats the dough in dreams – to begin a dark band, which will be hard to pass without losses. When the dough rises, it’s time to set our priorities in life, set goals and strive for them, instead of rushing from one case to another.

Cooking the dough prepared for pies or pancakes, consider a symbol of imminent trouble, but out of them there, although using tools that previously seemed to be unacceptable.

Dream Interpretation Freud

In the dream Freud, the dough symbolizes the relationship between people. If sleep itself vymeshivaem the dough, so he was the leader in the relationship. Rising muffin – waiting for the visit, but go it will, if not to rush things and put pressure on partner. Buy test means dissatisfaction with the relationship that need to change, but under the influence of their feelings and intuition.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To dream of dough to know that the housing issue will be resolved soon. If someone is eating the dough – hopes will come true, buying thing will be forgotten.

Spring dream interpretation

The dough is the prediction of pregnancy for women and for men beginning a new relationship.

Autumn dream interpretation

Dough – a sign of profit, but if the dough rises, it will only costs. Kneading the dough – quick unexpected adventure with unexpected consequences. Summer dream to knead the dough – to pacify someone or to wait for a long time to knead – to deal with other people and their problems.

Some dream books see in dreams about the test sign of imminent news from loved ones, the fulfillment of small desires, profit.

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