What dreams Apple

Apple tree in a dream can have a different interpretation. What a dream this dream foretells, you can learn by watching the various dream books and comparing details of the vision, the view of Apple and their own feelings from what he saw.

Apple tree in dreams

To dream of a blossoming tree

Summer dream

If you had an Apple tree, so soon you will hear news about the romantic relationship of someone of close people. Apple blossom – profit, harvest, gain.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

See – good news.

Blooms – successful completion of a long-standing business.

In flames – new feelings flare up with renewed vigor.

Far – news from afar.

Family dream book

What dream tree, you can explain in appearance of fruit on it. If sleep sees a red Apple, then sleeping awake will have good luck, and tainted apples – to grief, trouble, lawsuits. Those who see the apples in the Apple-tree leaves, you need to think about the future. Such a dream warns you that the choices he will make at the moment, its future depends.

Small dream book of Veles

The Apple tree in the wind – trouble will be fleeting and will not bring much harm.

Bloom – good news.

Dry, without leaves for the bad news.

To plant the Apple tree – to get or increase housing.

To be uprooted from the land you make a big mistake, your fault other people are getting hurt.

To cut to the dead.

Dream Interpretation Tarot

To dream the Apple tree – to know that someone broke your promise, be disappointed, lose faith.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

Tear the apples from the Apple – to the loss of money, poverty, financial difficulties.

Two Apple trees of different heights, there will be quarrels, disputes, quarrels.

There are apples – to joy.

For married people blooming Apple tree in a dream – to a long, happy life, harmony and happiness.

To see ripe apples on the tree to make the act, which will then be ashamed.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Apple tree alone in the field – the loneliness, difficulties, lack of support.

Apple tree without branches to disease and death.

Apple orchard – the support of loved ones will come in handy.

Apple blossom – you have a long way.

Apples fall – the birth of children.

In the dream the Apple tree is also said that if the tree falls from two apples, such a vision heralds the birth of twins.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

Apple – fortunately. To interpret a dream be based on the appearance of the wood. If it is strong and flourishing, then everything in life will be to emerge successful. Made of wood, dried Apple heralds a series of turmoil, unhappiness, misunderstandings.

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