To dream of text

When hibernate reads in a dream lyrics, it speaks of a quick profit, and prosperity. Bright letters, beautiful means profit. To make a more detailed interpretation of what the dream of the text, recall details.

What a dream text

What a dream text

The Dream Miller

  • Repeat the text – get support;
  • Listen to the text – quarrel, trouble;
  • Remember lyrics – strange events;
  • Consider the text – the fulfillment of desires.

Dream interpretation of the Duke of Zhou-Gong

If the texts are written in different colors if you see a beautiful hieroglyphs, the prosperity, wealth and a comfortable life. On the improvement of well-being may also indicate long text on good paper.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Packed sheets promise a great profit. Very good to dream of the text written by the hand of the sleeper. This suggests that he is able to affect their lives, to climb the corporate ladder and be successful.

If you correct the errors in the text or make any adjustments, soon you will face a choice that will affect the fate.

Chinese dream interpretation

In this dream text symbolizes wealth and financial abundance sleeping. If the long text, written in large characters, you expect a profit, prize or inheritance. If you see a short text, it will be possible to obtain additional earnings. Read the text to learn about the flow of money. Throw away the paper with text – to lose profits, to spend money in vain.

The newest dream book

If sleeping is dreaming of the text that it is difficult to read, he will encounter the inability to get paid work. If the text contains many errors, you need to pay attention to what is happening in your life, not to do anything stupid. Listen to the text – to obtain support from high-ranking, rich man.

Dream Meridian

  • You can see the text – to money;
  • Read to profit;
  • Listen – support;
  • Beautiful – good luck;
  • Errors – difficulties, problems at work;
  • A lot inherited, a lot of money.

Summer dream

Listen as someone reads the report – to obtain approval and guidance. To see the text written in strange characters, to misunderstanding, to solve which will help colleagues. A lot of mistakes in the text – beware of the machinations of the employees at work. Colored text will be able to get easy money, don’t miss it. If the text that you see in a dream, belongs to you, so soon you’ll take a significant place, climb the ladder, get respect.

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