To dream of teeth

What is the meaning of contain dreams about my teeth?

What dream teeth

What dream teeth

Dream Meridian

If you dream you see that the milk tooth falls out of the baby, it is a sign of new beginnings, exploring, or shopping. If non-indigenous tooth falls out have your child in the future you will make a nasty bug.

If having beautiful and healthy teeth, you are waiting for good events and changes for the better. If in the dream you notice sick or crooked teeth, it actually will meet with numerous small trouble, gossip.

I dream of teeth that crumble, – in reality you expect trouble, you will try to handle. If you apply the effort you will be able to cope with the circumstances.

If you dream you see a loose tooth, then you will be serious changes. The situation may be difficult for you, you need to be ready to make a choice. If the tooth is loose, but looks quite healthy, circumstances can change for the better, troubles will not affect you. If a loose tooth in front, bad things happen to someone from children.

If you dream you brush your teeth in dreams is a sign that you sensibly perceive the situation, ready for trouble, you know what I can do to resolve the conflict. If you are cleaning yellowed and unhealthy teeth – you are trying to improve their reputation. If the cleaning procedure dream lover man, in the near future it is waiting for a good date.

If you dream you are treating the teeth or visited a dental office, you are ready to cope with the unpleasant moments you adequately respond to the complexity and meeting people, you cause negative emotions. If in the dream the doctor sets the seal on the aching tooth – so the problem is in reality, will soon be solved, you will create consistency in their Affairs. If you bleach the tooth enamel, you will find new friends, Dating, new plans, gifts.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

What dream teeth – in many dream books the world reads about the upcoming major changes in real life. In the East is still the years of a man are determined by his teeth. In some wild Indian tribes to a man with healthy teeth is not to go into the valley of death. Seen in a dream teeth have a different interpretation, a different vision. In ancient times it was believed that teeth are a sign of rigidity, stability and satiety.

If in the dream you are bitten by an outsider or did you feel pain similar to a sting, it expresses your pain.

If in the dream you notice a new tooth growing, you get the confidence to fight with many of life’s burdens.

Rotten and bad teeth mean bad health, or your close friend.

If in the dream the tooth fell out or got lost, you expect the unreasonable expectations and recognition. If the tooth is left bleeding is a sign of illness or death.

What have false teeth? This means that you too often take into account someone else’s opinion, following the implementation of other plans.

If you dream you remove a bad tooth, in fact you would solve the urgent problems that will make the right decision.

Small Dream Book Of Veles

Dreaming of teeth – what? If having missing teeth is a symbol of illness or death. If you lost a tooth without blood – in the near future die a familiar person. Tooth came out with blood – the health of children in danger.

In the dream, worried about tooth pain – there are problems in relations with loved ones or loved one.

If you find a hole in the tooth – one of your friends will betray you, honest with you. It is possible that this same man will intrigue and gossip behind my back.

Wisdom teeth according to the dream – a sign that you are in harmony with yourself and others. You have enough intelligence, the moral support of friends and the confidence to cope with troubles.

If you had teeth in braces – your family ties or love relationship is stable, nothing portends trouble and financial losses.

The emergence of a new tooth, according to the dream – the appearance of the child, pregnancy.

Beautiful and healthy teeth – a sign of your youth, good health and good beginnings.

If you dream you feel toothache, in reality, you or your loved ones expects a protracted illness.

Broken tooth in dream or you see yourself toothless – financial losses, lack of money, which may last long enough.

Women’s dream book

Spit out your teeth promises illness of your loved ones.

If in the dream you met a toothless man, in reality, you can expect trouble, meeting a man who will create for you a large number of burdens.

Crumbling teeth in a dream – a bad omen, which means a lot of trouble, which is closely linked with your health and well-being.

If you dream you brush your teeth, you need to be prepared for a long struggle for their own peace of mind, healthy and loved.

To dream of an unhealthy, crooked or yellow teeth, in which there are defects, means lack of money, the crushing of hopes, desires. Probably you are waiting for nervous fatigue and depression.

If in a dream broke a tooth, then you will quarrel with a close friend or loved one.

What does a dream about teeth spiritual seekers

Seeing teeth in a dream signifies a hidden aggression, a sign promises you little good, portends unpleasant clashes and disputes.

If in the dream you lose your teeth – will lose their savings, or no one will appreciate your work.

If in a dream teeth crumbling, your health can change in the near future, you are threatened with disease.

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