What a dream in which you see tears?

Tears in a dream are often brought to people of all ages. Depending on the situation, characteristics of the concept of dreaming, changing its interpretation. Psychogenic tears in a dream means an emotional release, a chance to relax after the stress of reality, can also be appropriate unexpected happy event.

Tears in a dream

What does it mean to see the tears in the dream

A positive value

The onset of an emergency of joy in the presence of tears in a dream portend American, Eastern, Small Veles dream book.

A negative value

The Russian dream book when showing tears tells the story of a fatigue person. Seen a dream where you see tears or crying, warns of impending trouble.

Dream book 1918

Gives a broad view of crying in his sleep. If you had to wipe down face, then soon will come the comfort. A negative value sleep becomes, if I wipe tears from young women, since it indicates the imminent breakup with her. When you have to see tear-stained face, expect a positive decision important things. The man in the dream laughs when a woman cries, long – term relationship.

Dream Interpretation Longo

Dream about tears tells the story of several possible scenarios in reality, depending on the characteristics of sleep and feelings of a particular person.

  1. Had endless tears and the inability to stop crying? Perhaps the dreamer is a successful person, able to cope with all the load failures. If you are tired of complaining others for his fate and shed bitter tears, thinking about bad karma, stop this and go do important business, then things can get better and your life will change for the better.
  2. Holding back the tears? So, don’t you want your feelings to know that others have. Sometimes it helps to share a problem, to listen to the words of sympathy and to important tips. It is possible to help the people around you.
  3. Wipe my tears in a dream? Most likely you are sure that the intentions of others look worse than they show it. Don’t be so paranoid. Other people have so many problems. They have no time to build intrigues against you, you probably gave yourself a problem.
  4. See the tears of the former in the dream? Show compassion to people in real life, do not forget about okrujayuschih you.
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