What a dream tea

Tea in a dream – a symbol of loneliness and misunderstanding. If the sleeper dreams that he is drinking tea, so he is in dire need of sympathy and pity. Scattered tea suggests that you are unhappy with your life, you don’t have enough love.

Tea in a dream

Tea in a dream

Women’s dream book

  • Brew – retribution;
  • Enjoy a drink with friends – tired from the routine, the monotony;
  • Strongly want tea – get ready to greet the guests.

Psychologist Freud.

If you dream you are drinking tea or treat them with another person in your sex life is not going well. Maybe soon you will have a new partner with whom you will feel better. Pour into tea cups – communicating empty, unreliable person.

Dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller

  • brew – to receive punishment for their bad deeds;
  • enjoy a drink with friends – there will be a reason to throw a party;
  • pour – trouble in the family;
  • an empty pack of tea – gossip;
  • murky tea – bad news.


In the dream about tea is said to drink tea and treat your someone — fun, fun. Spill the tea on the table – will be quarrels in the family. Pour into Cup – possible arrival of an unexpected guest that you will be happy. If the sleeper feels the flavor of the drink in the dream, his family will prevail peace and tranquillity.

Family dream book

If sleep drink delicious tea or sees at the bottom of the sediment Cup, he was waiting for disappointment and unpleasant chores. Drinking tea in the company of friends – for the upcoming exciting event entertainment. Bottled tea portends petty quarrels, turmoil in the family. Very much to want to drink tea, but not able to do this will be unpleasant unexpected guests.

Spring dream interpretation

  • brew – to money;
  • to drink the rest;
  • pour – will argument.

Autumn dream interpretation

  • to drink – success in business;
  • to pour – to the loss;
  • brew – gossip.


  • hot tea – will be guests whom you do not expect;
  • to drink news.

Culinary dream book

Solving, what dreams tea, pay attention to the details. If the tea was fragrant and delicious in your life everything goes well, you can expect pleasant events and news. Burn tea – learn about yourself gossip.

  • to pour – to the guests;
  • shed to fall out;
  • to drink have fun with friends;
  • brewing is to know the news.

A modern dream book

If you dream you sprinkled dry welding in something, your emotional balance can be disturbed. Burn tea – difficulties in the family, problems and quarrels. If the tea is bad, you have to solve some problems and to deal with trouble.

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